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Micron RealSSD C300 256GB SATA 6Gbps SSD Review

The Micron RealSSD C300 256GB SSD is an amazing SSD that has the ability to take advantage of the SATA 6 Gbps interface. When we first looked at SATA 6 Gbps performance using the Seagate XT 2TB hard drive we found the burst speed to be impressive, but found that a hard drive was able to fully use the new interface since it wasn't fast enough. We were seeing the Seagate XT 2TB hard drive have a maximum read transfer rate of 144MB/s, which is nothing to write home about these days. The Micron RealSSD C300 on the other hand was able to peak at 387MB/s in ATTO, which is insane for a single SSD. When it comes to read performance nothing on the market today can beat the Micron RealSSD C300 256GB SSD! This drive has spectacular read performance and the write performance is not too far behind other drives like the OCZ Vertex LE.<br><br><br> Via [<a href="" target="new">Legit Reviews</a>]

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Seagate BlackArmor 500GB PS 110 USB 3.0 Performance Kit Review

Today for review I’ve got another USB3.0 enabled product, this time it’s actually a kit from Seagate. This kit includes the new BlackArmor PS110 500gb 2.5” portable hard drive that is equipped with a 7200RPM drive inside and of course a USB 3.0 interface. The kit also includes a USB3.0 ExpressCard so you can have your laptop or netbook USB3.0 enabled. It’s a nice kit overall, it includes everything you need to add USB3.0 to your computer. I reviewed the original BlackArmor PS110 last year and I figured why not compare the two to each other especially since the original BlackArmor only had a 5400RPM hard drive in it.<br><br><br> Via [<a href="" target="new">TestFreaks</a>]

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Sony VAIO Y Series Notebook Review

The CULV notebook market has been overloaded with options over the past few months, and this year's Consumer Electronics Show saw even more PC makers jump in with an abundance of new offerings. Asus and Acer seemed to be at the forefront of the CULV revolution, which--for those who don't know--are machines that split the divide between low-powered netbooks and energy-draining full size laptops. Today we'll be looking at a CULV-based model from Sony, as they have taken their well respected VAIO line to the land of the Intel Consumer Ultra Low Voltage notebook platform. The VAIO Y-Series that we're testing today is one of Sony's newest machines, and just as Lenovo ThinkPad machines wear their legacy on their sleeves, this one screams VAIO from end to end. The exact model number is VPCY115FX/BI, and it's definitely one of the most stylish ultraportables out today...<br><br><br> Via [<a href="" target="new"></a>]

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Samsung 55in. LED HDTV Review

<center><img src=""></center><br> Today we are looking at their flagship model from the "8" series - the UN55B8000 and this TV offers incredible contrast ratios, stunning blacks and a fast 240Hz Auto Motion Plus technology that guarantees that you're sports will look crisp and clean. Just for kicks and giggles, Samsung also includes Medi@2.0 and combined with some Yahoo Widgets, you'll be able to do a lot more than watch TV on your TV...<br><br><br> Via [<a href="" target="new">BCCHardware</a>]

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Moneual Lab Y601B Review

Moneual Lab is taking a step into the entry-level case segment with the Y601B slim form factor micro-ATX HTPC case. It looks like the kind of product for anyone looking to save some space on their desktop, or an upright media center. This case from Moneual comes at an amazing value with a price tag of only 65 USD.<br><br><br> Via [<a href="" target="new">techPowerUp</a>]


Thermaltake SpinQ VT CPU Cooler Review

Today we have the opportunity to look at the Thermaltake SpinQ VT. A little over a year ago reviewed the original SpinQ, which was a 2009 design award winner. The SpinQ VT takes that design and rotates it 90 degrees to stand vertically, hence the name VT. There were some alterations over the original SpinQ which we’ll cover in this review. Read on further to see what they are.

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Friday’s News 2-19-10

Well finally the weekend is here! Make sure you check out our review of the <a href="">Speck Fitted iPhone Case</a>! Now for the news... <strong>Cases</strong> <a href="" target="new">SilverStone Fortress FT02 Chassis Review</a> @ <a href="" target="new">NZXT Hades Crafted Series Gaming Case</a> @ BCCHardware <a href="" target="new">Moneual MonCaso 600 Case Review</a> @ Rbmods <a href="" target="new">Lancool Dragonlord PC-K56</a> @ LanOC Reviews <strong>Cooling</strong> <a href="" target="new">Corsair Hydro Series H50 Water Cooling System Review</a> @ Hardware Secrets <a href="" target="new">Thermalright Venomous X CPU Cooler Review</a> @ Legit Reviews <strong>Input</strong> <a href="" target="new">Cooler Master CM Storm Sentinal Advance Gaming Mouse Review</a> @ Tweaknews <strong>Memory</strong> <a href="" target="new">G.Skill PI DDR3-2000 C7</a> @ PureOverclock <strong>Motherboards</strong> <a href="" target="new">ASUS Maximus III Extreme 1156 Motherboard</a> @ OC3D <strong>Power</strong> <a href="" target="new">Cooler Master Silent Pro M 600 W Power Supply Review</a> @ Hardware Secrets <a href="" target="new">3R System iCEAGE IA500HP80 500 W Power Supply Review</a> @ Hardware Secrets <a href=",1-cooler-master-gx750-netzteil-im-test.htm" target="new">Cooler Master GX750 PSU</a> @ Technic3D <a href="" target="new">XFX XPS-650W Power Supply Review</a> @ OCC <strong>Storage</strong> <a href="" target="new">PCI-Express USB 3.0 Host Controller Card and USB3.0 Extension Cable</a> @ TestFreaks <a href="" target="new">Kingston SSDNow V+ Series SNVP325-S2B 512GB Gen 2 Solid State Drive Review</a> @ TweakTown <strong>Video</strong> <a href="" target="new">PowerColor Radeon HD 5670 PCS+ Video Card Review</a> @ Hi Tech Legion <a href="" target="new">Sapphire HD 5450 512 MB GDDR3</a> @ techPowerUp <a href="" target="new">Sapphire Radeon HD 5850 Toxic</a> @ <a href="" target="new">Sapphire Radeon HD 5850 TOXIC GFX Review</a> @

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ASUS Named on Fast Company’s Most Innovative List for 2010

<strong>Fremont, CA (Feb 18, 2010) — </strong><em>Fast Company</em> magazine just announced its annual World’s Most Innovative Companies list for 2010 and named ASUS as No. 8 on their list in the Consumer Electronics category.   Fast Company praised ASUS for inventing the popular netbook category and states "It’s the company’s 'Willy Wonka' innovation philosophy that makes ASUS really cool—products that nobody ever dreamed of. …" To create the Most Innovative Companies list, Fast Company’s editorial team analyzed information on thousands of businesses across the globe.  The team identifies creative models and progressive cultures that define the many forms of innovation that exist across the business landscape. Having pioneered the netbook segment with its Eee PC™, ASUS continues to strive for innovation that will help to simplify and improve the quality of our digital life.  Steve Chang, President of ASUS Americas, stated, "We are honored to receive this recognition.  During the last two years, ASUS has brought numerous innovations to market which include the world’s first bamboo PC, the first tablet netbook and the first real 3D notebook.  In the near future, our highly anticipated Eee Keyboard PC™ and NX90 will become available to provide consumers with a new exciting digital experience." Fast Company’s Most Innovative Companies issue (March 2010) is on newsstands now, and is online at <a href="" target="_blank"></a>

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Corsair® launches Obsidian Series™ 700D High-Performance Chassis

<strong>FREMONT, California, February 17, 2010</strong> — <a href="">Corsair</a>, a worldwide leader in high-performance computer and flash memory products, today announced the Obsidian Series 700D High-Performance computer chassis, based on the award-winning Obsidian Series 800D chassis. The new Obsidian Series 700D has been designed by Corsair to offer enthusiasts with a high-performance chassis that retains many of the key features and dimensions of the hugely popular Obsidian 800D. The Obsidian Series 700D replaces the four hot-swap SATA disk drive bays of the 800D with four fixed SATA bays. The total number of drives bays remains the same at six 3.5 inch (2.5 inch compatible) bays, and five 5.25 inch bays. The windowed side-panel of the 800D is also replaced by a solid side panel for the 700D.

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Speck Fitted iPhone Case Review

There are sure a lot of choices when it comes to iPhone cases and believe me there are a lot of garbage cases out there, just go to your local mall to one of those stands and you will see what I mean. During CES this year I was introduced to Speck, a company who makes stylish cases and bags for many portable devices and laptops. The one case that really caught my eye at the show was the Fitted iPhone Case. Speck was nice enough to send one along for review, so let’s see if this Fitted case is a good mix of style and protection for your iPhone.

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