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Month Archives: January 2011


In Win Dragon Slayer mATX Case Review

Many people are turning to mATX setups for LAN gaming systems and home theater PC systems.  There are not a ton of options when it comes to mATX cases; most are cube cases that do not offer a lot of features.  Well today we have a mATX that is designed just like any other mid tower case and has quite a few options.  What case are we talking about?  The Dragon Slayer from In Win, let’s take a look...


The 2010 Year in Review

Wow it seems like 2010 went by so fast! 2011 is here and while we are excited for this year and for CES coming up, how did 2010 go? 2010 was our first full year using Wordpress and our new layout; So it was a learning process for us, but I think everything went pretty well. I think the site only crashed a handful of times and we only had a few major issues. Read on to see the most popular content from 2010 and other interesting stats...

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