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Bigfoot Networks Announces Killer Wireless-N Series

You read it right, folks. <a href="">Killer NIC</a> maker <a href="">Bigfoot Networks</a> is rolling out a line of wireless cards! Announced today, the Killer Wireless-N series is a half-size mini-PCIe 802.11/a/b/g/n wireless adapter suitable for replacing existing cards or being installed by an OEM. The Killer Wireless-N series leverages the Killer technology in a new form, Killer Wireless. This combines accelerated wireless with the standard Killer features Advanced Stream Detect (essentially QoS for games, video, and audio),  Visual Bandwidth Control (manual adjustment of bandwidth allocations), and PC Monitor (standard health monitoring baked into the Killer software). The result is a claimed up to 500% increase in speed of accelerated communications from games, VoIP software, video playback, and more. At release, there are two models available: the 1103 and 1102. The former is a 3-stream MIMO 450 Mbps version, the latter 2-stream MIMO 300 Mbps.

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