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Galaxy GeForce GTX 780 HOF
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Galaxy Launches The World Record Breaking GeForce GTX 780 HOF

Galaxy has just announced their GeForce GTX 780 Hall of Fame Edition graphics card. We got a little stripped down sneak peak of this card about two weeks ago. Galaxy is claiming that this card is the fastest air-cooled GTX 780 on earth! Galaxy hand picks the GPUs for the 780 HOF cards and they have a factory boost clock of 1058 MHz. This makes the Galaxy 780 HOF as much as 20% faster than the standard GTX 780 and even faster than the GTX Titan.

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Panasonic, Sony To Launch 300GB Optical Disc By 2015

Yes! You got that right.  The two industry giants are going to work on a new format together. Panasonic and Sony have made a step further in a strategic partnership to develop a new type of optical disc which has a recording capacity of at least 300GB and shall be released by the end of 2015. Even though it’s known that optical discs can’t compete with the speed of Flash memory or even Hard Disk Drives, the companies still quarrel that their physical properties definitely make them a better medium for archiving and long-term storage.

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Lenovo IdeaCentre Horizon Review

I would have to say one of the products I was most impressed by this January at CES was Lenovo’s 27-inch Tablet / All-in-One PC. Wait, why I am I calling it a tablet? Well because it is, unlike most larger all-in-one’s it actually has a battery so it does not need to be connected to power at all times. Being that it is a tablet the stand allows it to easily be put down flat for a full tablet-top tablet experience. Don’t worry though the Horizon is still made for getting work done too. It is packed with an Intel Core i7-3537U, NVIDIA GeForce GT620M, 8 GB of DDR3 memory, 1TB hard drive, 720p webcam, 802.11 b/g/n wireless and Bluetooth 4.0. Of course the unit is also one large 27-inch 1080p display! This is a product that can act as a simple work machine, family computer or even a touch-gaming device. Let’s check it out!

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AOC Updates 16″ Portable Display with USB 3 & Slim Design

A couple of days back AOC introduced a new version of its 15.6-inch USB monitor, the AOC E1659FWU. Structured on the previous model i.e. E1649FWU, it now supports USB 3.0 and the latest Display Link software. This surely means one will get to experience better video output streaming to the display while watching Netflix, YouTube or simply steering the mouse across the extended desktop, credit goes to USB 3.0's which comes with faster speed. Otherwise, we might say that this model is almost similar to the older version.

Sonnet Presto Gigabit USB 3.0
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Sonnet Releases USB 3.0-to-Gigabit Ethernet Adapter

Sonnet has just announced today, the compact Presto Gigabit USB 3.0, a USB 3.0-to-Gigabit Ethernet adapter. The Presto adapter makes available to users a simple way to add Gigabit Ethernet-wired networking connectivity to their Mac and Windows computers with USB 3.0 ports while at the same time taking advantage of the 5 Gb/sec SuperSpeed USB 3.0 interface to carry full Gigabit speed performance with duly prepared computers. Besides this, the Sonnet adapter is also backward-compatible with USB 2.0.

Google Chromecast Teardown
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Google Chromecast Comprised of Essentially 4 Chips

The teardown of Google's little Chromecast media-streaming HDMI dongle is definitely getting a lot of notice for $35. Just after a few days when Google announced its Chromecast media streaming device, we have already seen what is inside this small dongle. It’s actually a simple device, with a small motherboard assembled inside the plastic case, consisting of four chips on it.

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