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Amazon Fire TV
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Amazon’s $99 Fire TV Launches Today

Today Amazon is launching their first set-top box to tackle the living room. Many people thought the Fire TV was going to be a dongle, but it is a set-top box much like an Apple TV or Roku box. It packs some impressive hardware and really beats out the competition in terms or performance and features.

Tt eSPORTS Saphira Gaming Mouse Review
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Tt eSPORTS Saphira Gaming Mouse Review

Many people might know who White Ra is, or maybe they don’t and have just heard the name before. He has been a part of the PC gaming scene for some time. White Ra has been an important gamer in the Starcraft scene in the Ukraine. He has also been one of the main people to work with the Tt eSPORTS product line and has had some heavy influence in product design and features. Today we will be reviewing the Tt eSPORTS Saphira Gaming Mouse which has been designed and developed in conjunction with the one and only Aleksey “White Ra" Krupnyk. The Tt eSPORTS Saphira Gaming Mouse is designed for RTS/FPS gaming in mind.

Titanfall Optimus Prime
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Titanfall Optimus Prime DLC Announced!

Titanfall has been a big hit for Respawn since its release last month. Well it looks like we will get getting the first DLC content for the game. The Optimus Prime DLC will be bringing Transformers Optimus Prime to the game as one of your available Titans.

Razer Eidolon
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Razer Announces Eidolon the World’s First Wearable Drone System

Razer is making a groundbreaking announcement today with their Eidolon Wearable Drone System! Razer says, "when you escape the boundaries of first-person you have a true out of body experience". The Razer Eidolon is a wearable drone system that will follow you a pre-set configurations and will seamlessly steam the footage from its built-in camera.


LUXA2 GroovyT Magic Boom Box Review

When you first take a look at the GroovyT Magic Boom Box you think that is your typical portable or Bluetooth speaker, but it is not. Unlike those speakers the GroovyT requires no wires, Bluetooth or even WiFi to work. So how does it work? It uses electromagnetic induction amplification to take the audio from the speakers on your device and make it stronger. In simpler terms it inducts the signal and amplifies it. All you have to do is place your smartphone, tablet or other device on the GroovyT and like magic it will amplify the sound. Read on as we take a look...

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