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Divoom Voombox Outdoor Rugged Bluetooth Speaker

Divoom Voombox Outdoor Rugged Bluetooth Speaker Review

Portable Bluetooth speakers have really taken off in the past few years. They make playing and sharing your music with friends extremely easy. They are small enough to throw in a backpack or laptop bag and can be used with any device that has Bluetooth support. It seems more and more Bluetooth speakers are being taken with us, on camping trips, to the beach, etc. With that a more rugged Bluetooth speaker is needed. Divoom thinks they have that Bluetooth Speaker in their Voombox Outdoor. It is a portable Bluetooth speaker with a more rugged design and a water-resistant case that protects its components from splashing water and dust. Read on as we see what this Bluetooth speaker is all about...

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NVIDIA Has 76% of the GPU Market Share

It looks like NVIDIA is dominating the GPU market. According to the latest report from Jon Peddie Research (JPR) in Q3 of 2014 NVIDIA secured 76% of the GPU market share leaving AMD with just 24%. Both Matrox and S3 are now out of the game with Matrox losing its small 0.10% market share to NVIDIA.

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ASUS Announces Best, Fastest and Most Comprehensive USB 3.1 Solutions

ASUS today announced the world's fastest and first complete line-up of SuperSpeed+ USB 3.1 solutions, including range-wide motherboards with built-in USB 3.1 and two ASUS USB 3.1 Cards. The latter are the new PCI Express (PCIe) expansion card with either dual Type-A sockets or reversible Type-C, that fits quickly and easily to bring breakneck speeds to existing PCs.

Kingston HyperX Cloud II Gaming Headset

Kingston HyperX Cloud II Gaming Headset Review

Last year we took a look at Kingston’s original HyperX Cloud Gaming headset and there really was not much to not like about it. Now on its second iteration we are quite excited to see what Kingston has done to make this headset even better. The biggest change is the addition of 7.1 virtual surround sound via a USB controller with DSP sound card. Do not worry though you still have the ability to use the Cloud II with a 3.5 mm plug if you wish. Kingston has pretty much retained the same design with the Cloud II as we saw on the original headset. This means you have that brushed aluminum build with a very comfortable headband, stitched HyperX logo, and two sets of earcups. Is this the gaming headset for you? Read on as we find out...

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Apple OS X More Vulnerable Than Windows

For years many people have thought that getting a Mac would be the solution to hackers, viruses, spyware and much more. And for quite a while this was the case as many hackers did not waste their time with OS X. In recent years though Apple has seen a steady increase in Mac sales and pretty much dominates the over $1000 notebook range. Since these computers are priced higher it brings more attention from hackers and other shady parties. The latest report from GFI shows that Apple's major operating system sits on top of the leaderboard when it comes to security vulnerabilities in 2014.

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GTA V For PC Delayed Once Again

It looks like PC gamers will have to wait just a little bit longer for GTA V. Rockstar has pushed back the release of the game from March 24th to April 14th according a post on Rockstar's Newswire. This will be the second delay in six weeks.

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Never Worry About Your Phone Dying Again

In this instance, the future may be now. Israeli company StoreDot is on the verge of bringing a brand new battery technology to the market. Based on nanodots made from the same peptide molecule that seems to be responsible for causing Alzheimer's disease, this two nanometer (two billionths of a meter) crystal has an extremely high capacitance and the ability to hold an electrical charge. The result of the high capacitance is the ability to take and hold an electrical charge extremely quickly. StoreDot has developed this into a usable battery that can be charged empty to full in 60 seconds!

Griffin Twenty Digital Audio Amplifier

Griffin Twenty Digital Audio Amplifier Review

Twenty is an interesting name for an audio product, but once it’s known that Twenty provides 20 watts of power per channel, its name immediately makes sense. Griffin originally released Twenty when Apple’s AirPort Express was popular and tech products with rounded edges were all the rage. Slide into 2015 and Griffin has redesigned Twenty to be a centerpiece for Bluetooth home entertainment. 2015’s Twenty has sturdy metal speaker terminals, a weighted aluminum volume knob, and a modern design that will fit in with any home’s decor. Twenty’s latest incarnation also supports AAC and aptX Bluetooth codecs, while retaining an optical input and subwoofer out from its past form. Twenty is ready to transform your current audio setup into a stylish masterpiece.

HGST 10TB Hard Drive
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The HGST 10TB Hard Drive is Coming Soon!

Not that long ago HGST, formally knows as Hitachi Global Storage Technologies announced their 10TB helium-filled drives and it looks like we will be seeing them come to market very soon. This new drive will be part of HGST's UltraStar HelioSeal line and will have seven platters inside with each having a capacity of 1.43 TB.

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