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Zotac VR Go Backpack
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Zotac’s VR GO Backpack Gets Priced

Zotac's VR GO Virtual Reality backpack finally has a price attached to it. We first showed you the VR GO backpack when it was revealed at Zotac's 10th Anniversary event in Hong Kong. The unit will go for $1999, which gives you the ability to strap this PC to your back and kick some ass in VR without cables holding you back.

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Case Mod Friday: Versa N24 Mod

This week's build comes from Reaper Mods. It is his Vera N24 mod where he's completely transformed a Thermaltake Versa N24 case and made it something truly unique. It is cool to see a mod like this on the less-expensive Versa N24. The showcase of the mod is the custom side panel that has coolant channels and the pump built in! You can also see the graphics card with its clear GPU block through the side panel window!

MSI Core Frozr L CPU Cooler
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MSI Unveils Gaming Core Frozr L CPU Cooler

MSI has just announced the Core Frozr L CPU cooler, which will go pretty well with your system if you happen to have an MSI motherboard and graphics card. The top of the cooler has a die-cast metal plate that has the MSI Gaming Dragon on it. This is a single tower cooler with a large aluminum fin stack. The base is set at slightly offset position to clear up room around the CPU socket.

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