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Visual Hacking Is Real, Protect Your Data With 3M Privacy Filters

Typically when we think of hacking we think of people getting into our systems by brute force or DDoS attacks, but many hacks and breaches of security are done by visual hacking. Visual hacking is done by gathering someone's information or credentials by visual means like, by looking over someone's shoulder, or passing by etc. Since today is the 10th annual Data Privacy Day, we wanted to let you know how you can prevent visual hacking.

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Case Mod Friday: APC Watercooling

This week we have an incredibly sleek build from APC Watercooling. APC Watercooling is out of Thailand so we do not know a whole lot about the build. This build is done inside the unique ERAGON Template Glass Aluminum Edition which just looks awesome. You can see they've done a pretty much all white build with multiple Galaxy Hall of Fame (HOF) products. Be sure to check this build out!

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CRYORIG Provides Free AM4 Update Kits

In response to AMD’s soon to be released Ryzen CPU and AM4 platform, PC thermal solution brand CRYORIG will be providing free AM4 upgrade kits soon after the official release of the AMD Ryzen CPU release. All users of existing AMD supported products will be able to apply for the free upgrade kits. Native AM4 mounting kits will also start to hit the markets after the official release of the CPU.

MSI X99A Tomahawk

MSI X99A Tomahawk Motherboard Review

MSI introduced their Arsenal Gaming line not to long ago. The way it sits in their product stack is that you have Enthusiast Gaming, Performance Gaming, Arsenal Gaming, and then their Pro Series. Arsenal Gaming is positioned to give users many great gaming features, but at a good price as well. Today we are checking out the X99A Tomahawk, which offers a nice matte black PCB with black and grey accents. The board has three PCI-Express 3.0 x4 slots, an M.2 32 GB/s slot, a U.2 32 GB/s port, dual Intel LAN ports, USB 3.2 gen 2, and MSI's Audio Boost 3. Does the X99A Tomahawk have what it takes to make it into your X99 build? Read on as we take a look...

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Lite-On / Plextor Expects The NAND Shortage To Hurt SSD Sales

More and more companies are bracing for the global NAND shortage. Just this week Samsung announced that they are delaying the launch of the 4TB 850 Pro SSD and now it looks like Lite-On is expecting lower SSD sales. Lite-On sells SSDs under their own name as well as Plextor and according to company CEO Warren Chen, the company expects fewer sales due to reduced supply.

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NVIDIA Volta Could Launch This Year on 12nm

NVIDIA's Volta GPUs are set to succeed Pascal, and based on previous roadmaps we expected a 2018 launch. Well it looks like we might see Volta sooner than that, this year even! Fox Business has picked up the story that we could see Volta this year in the GPGPU supercomputing, machine learning and artificial intelligence spaces and that it would be build using a custom 12nm FinFET manufacturing process at TSMC.

Lian Li PC-K6S

Lian Li PC-K6S Case Review

Lian Li is known by many as a high-end case manufacture with many of their cases costing well over $250. This is mainly because these cases are made of all aluminum, which of course is more expensive and lighter than steel. What you might not know is that Lian Li has an Ebonsteel line of cases which feature steel construction and come in at affordable prices. Today we will be taking a look at the PC-K6S, which is the silent version of the PC-K6. Being that this case is made for silence you have sound dampening material on both side panels, the top and front of the case. The PC-K6S is also designed to give you an extremely clean build as you have large metal shrouds covering the power supply and have drive cages. Talking about storage this case can fit up to 7 hard drives! Let's see what the PC-K6S is all about!

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The PC Gaming Market Hits The Milestone Of $30 Billion

Jon Peddie Research (JPR), today announced that the PC Gaming Market has breached the $30 Billion mark for the first time! This is comprised of DIY built gaming computers, upgrades, and accessories such as input devices and audio/communication systems. The $30 billion mark was hit in 2016 and is forecast to grow at a 6% CAGR (compound annual growth rate) through 2019.

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