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GTX 1080 Ti HOF Limited Edition
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GALAX shows off GTX 1080 Ti HOF Cards

At Computex 2017 Galax is showing off their new GeForce GTX 1080 Ti Hall Of Fame (HOF) graphics cards. There are actually two new cards on display, the GTX 1080 Ti HOF OC Lab Edition and the GTX 1080 Ti HOF Limited Edition. Let's start things off with the Limited Edition card.

ASRock X299E-ITX Motherboard
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ASRock Shows The Tiny X299E-ITX Motherboard

With Intel's announcement of X299 and new processors we are going to see a whole slew of new motherboards. One of the more interesting ones is ASRocks tiny X299E-ITX motherboard, which is of course a Mini-ITX X299 motherboard. The LGA2066 socket actually takes up most of the board itself!

ASUS X399 AMD Zenith Extreme Motherboard
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ASUS Shows X399 AMD Zenith Extreme Motherboard

It looks like ASUS is showing off the first X399 motherboard, it is the AMD ROG Zenith Extreme. For those confused the X399 platform is for AMD's upcoming ThreadRipper processors, or AMD's high-end desktop parts. There is still not that much known about the platform, but this motherboard can shed some light on it.

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Intel Introduces Kabylake-X, Skaylake-X, and X299

We've been hearing about Intel's Kabylake-X, Skylake-X, and X299 platform for quite a while now. I don't think a week has gone by in the past month where we've haven't talked about it. Now we have official confirmation on all of the details! Intel says the new platform is their "most scalable", meaning that it will have CPUs with a little as four cores and all the way up to 18 cores, yes 18 cores!

AZIO Armato Gaming Keyboard
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AZIO Armato Gaming Keyboard Review

AZIO has a pretty interesting lineup of keyboards. They have two main categories, Lifestyle and Gaming. Of course we are mainly interested in their gaming products, but they have released products like the MK Retro which were very unique. We took at our last AZIO gaming keyboard about a year ago, and while it was good, we still feel it lacked some necessary features. Well they are back with the Armato which they say offers striking aesthetics and essential gaming functionalities. With that you have Cherry MX Brown mechanical key switches, an aluminum chassis design, 5 dedicated macro keys, and a very interesting volume control. Does the Armato have enough for us to recommend it for your next gaming keyboard? Read on as we find out!

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Case Mod Friday: The Wheel Of Star

This week for Case Mod Friday we have one of the coolest scratch builds we've ever seen! It comes from Modder Crow and is called The Wheel of Star. It won first place in Cooler Master's Case Mod World Series 2017 in the "Scratch" category! This is one amazing build!


EwinRacing Champion Series Gaming Chair Review

Since reviewing our first gaming chair we've come to the realization that these things are not just hype. They actually are comfortable, offer better support than normal offer chairs, and let's face it look pretty damn awesome too! Today we have our second gaming chair, this one comes from EwinRacing. EwinRacing solely makes gaming chairs and offers quite a few different variants. Today we are taking a look at their Champion Series gaming chair, more specifically the CP-BR1B version which is black with blue trim and has a pillow and lumbar support. Will this gaming chair match up to our high expectations after our review of the Tesoro Zone Balance gaming chair? Read on as we find out!

MSI Z270 Godlike
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MSI Announces the Z270 GODLIKE Gaming Motherboard

MSI, the leading gaming motherboard brand, is proud to announce the all-new Z270 GOLDIKE GAMING motherboard. As the pinnacle of GAMING in terms of design, performance and features, the new Z270 GODLIKE GAMING raises the bar once again for motherboard development. With plenty of world's first and exclusive technologies such as Killer xTend and the new ASMedia 3142 USB 3.1 Gen2 controller, the new Z270 GODLIKE GAMING motherboard closely follows the GODLIKE standard.

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