AMD Big Navi GPU die allegedly pictured, measures 536mm²

AMD is getting ready to unveil its next generation of chips, with the GPU reveal scheduled for 28th October. AMD will launch its RDNA2 based GPUs, with the focus being on Big Navi, the flagship chip. The die of this chip has now allegedly has been pictured.

The leak comes from YouTube channel Coreteks, who shared a video with the alleged die shot of the Big Navi GPU, which will power the flagship AMD Radeon RX 6000 series GPU.

The picture itself is quite grainy and blurry, showing the square package with a rectangular die in the middle. Coreteks has estimates on the dimensions coming in at 29 mm x 18.5 mm, bringing in the surface area to 536 mm².

The chip will face off against the NVIDIA Ampere GA102 GPU and will bring advancements like real-time ray tracing. Rumors say the chip will have 80 CUs based on the RDNA2 architecture. We’ll know for sure when the GPU sees the light of the day officially on October 28.

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Via TechPowerUp

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