Divoom Timebox Mini Pixel LED Bluetooth Speaker Review

Since doing our Ultimate Desk Setup we are always looking for things to add our setup, whether they are functional or just for show. Having a cool setup is always a good thing and Divoom has a cool little product that can add to your setup, it is the Timebox Mini Pixel LED Bluetooth Speaker. This Bluetooth speaker comes packed with panel of 121 individually controllable RGB LEDs, which can be programmed to show things like the current time, weather, custom designs, animations, and more. On top of that Divoom’s Smart App has some really cool things included with it. Is this the perfect thing to add to you desk setup? Read on as we find out!

Special thanks to Divoom for providing us with the Timebox Mini Pixel LED Bluetooth Speaker to review.

Dimensions: 90L x 38W x 91.2H mm
Driver size: 2” full range
Output power: 5W
Signal to noise ratio: 78dB
Battery Capacity: 2500 mA
Battery Voltage: 3.7 V
Battery Charge Time: 3-3.5h hours
Playback Time: Up to 10 hours
Bluetooth compliant: Bluetooth V4.0 smart
Weight: 292g
Frequency Response: 60-20000Hz

The Timebox Mini comes in a nice retail package that has a picture of the unit in action on the front as well as a list of some of the main features.

Flipping over to the back there is a short paragraph about the unit and another list of features in quite a few different languages.

Getting everything out of the box we have the Timebox Mini Pixel LED Bluetooth Speaker, USB to microUSB charging cable, audio cable, and a user’s guide.

Divoom Timebox Mini Pixel LED Bluetooth Speaker Overview
Taking a closer look at the Timebox Mini itself it is a pretty small Bluetooth speaker, the actual dimensions are 90L x 38W x 91.2H mm. Being this small it is easy enough to take with you and will not take up a whole lot of space on your desk. If you are looking for something a little bit bigger the original Timebox from Divoom might be the thing for you. The front of the Timebox Mini is a diffuser that the RGB LEDs will shine through.

On the top of the unit you’ll find a few different controls, you have volume up, volume down, and a play / pause button.

On the right side there are two more buttons which are the lighting button and power button. The lighting button will cycle through the different lighting modes, which we will get to in just a little bit.

On the back of the unit is the actual speaker, which is a compact 5W full-range driver. You’ll also find an AUX in, AUX out, and a USB charging port on the back.

The App
Now you can use the Timebox Mini as a normal Bluetooth speaker when you turn it on, but if you want to customize the lighting you’ll have to download the Divoom Smart app on your smartphone. You will need to create an account to use the app. On the main screen of the app it shows you the weather and there are mini applications inside. The first one is music, which allows you to browse your music library and play music through the speaker. Next you have weather, which is based off your location. Then you have voice memo’s, which allows you to record different voice memo’s.

Next is design where you can create and save your own designs for the Timebox Mini. The design editor is actually really easy to use. There is also an animation editor, which allows you to build animations. The gallery will show you your saved designs and animations as well as check out some of pre-installed designs and there is a full library of designs online.

There is a built-in planner, sleep time settings, and alarm clock in the app as well. The planner will display different designs on the screen of the Timebox mini during the day to remind you to do certain things. Sleep timer basically allows you to set a timer and you can play different types of music during this time.

In the tools menu you’ll find the scoreboard app, celebration days, and the stopwatch app. You are able to turn on / off notifications for certain things. It is cool if you don’t have your phone close by as the display on the speaker will flash with the type of notification you’ve received. There are actually a few different games that you can play on the speaker itself, one that definitely comes in handy is the rolling dice game.

Right in the bottom center of the app is the lighting tab, there is where you can set what is displayed on the speaker. the first selection is the clock. You can select either a 12 or 24 hour clock as well as the color.

You can swipe over to the next lighting option which is weather, you can select Celsius or Fahrenheit and again select the color. The speaker will display the temperature as well as the conditions, so for us it was 42 and sunny.

Full spectrum light lights up all of the LEDs on the panel the same color. You have the ability to select the color as well as the brightness. Full spectrum is great to use for a night light or reading light.

The Light Bright is 5 different animations that you can choose from. These are definitely cool and really make the Timebox Mini a show piece.

The next page does not really have a name, but it is another set on animations, but there are nine boxes that you press that play sound effects, which are represented on the display. I guess it is sort of like an effects board.

Finally you have the pixel frame. Here you can select one of your created designs or animations or one of the supplied ones. Below you’ll find a few ones I really liked.

Usage & Final Thoughts
So I’ve been using the Timebox Mini for about a month now and I really like it. It has become a permanent fixture on my desk. Most of the time I have the time displayed on it. I really like the larger time display as I rarely look at the time on my monitor. I also like that I get a visual cue when I receive when I get a notification on social media. This is great because most of the time I have my phone on silent anyways.

The 121 RGB LEDs are of course the main feature of this speaker. The Divoom Smart App makes it really easy to display what you want on the speaker. You can create your own designs or animations, choose from a pre-installed library, or view the large number of user-created designs and animations. The animations are especially cool and make your setup really stand out.

With the flashy front of we forget that the Timebox Mini is also a Bluetooth speaker. The 5W speaker is not going to be the loudest out there, but is definitely going to be louder and sound better than your smartphone’s speakers. The speaker is powerful enough for a small room, office, etc.

The only thing that I did find missing with Timebox Mini is that within the app there is no battery level indicator.

Right now the Timebox Mini is selling at my favorite online retailer for $23.98 at my favorite online retailer. At the price it really is a no-brainer to pick up as it adds so much to your setup, plus you are getting a Bluetooth speaker too. Overall ThinkComputers gives the Divoom Timebox Mini a 9 out of 10 score and our Good Value Award!

– 121 individually controlled RGB LEDs
– The app includes a lot
– Can display designs as well as animations
– Can be linked with social media for notifications
– Price

– No battery level indication inside the app