EK Velocity² 1700 Special Edition CPU WaterBlock Is Now Up For Preorders

If you appreciate the crystal design of GameRock RTX graphics cards, the EKWB Velocity² 1700 Special Edition CPU water block is an attractive companion. Its geometric assembly of irregular tetrahedrons, available in black or silver finish, transforms the water block into a modern art piece, creating a dynamic visual appeal with captivating light and shadow interplay. This special edition is designed for Intel’s LGA 1700 socket CPUs, adding a sophisticated touch to your build, and the black model comes with red RGB illumination for a magma-themed appearance.


Crafted with precision, this water block boasts a cold-plate machined from top-tier 99.99% pure electrolytic copper, ensuring unparalleled heat transfer. The top cover, CNC-milled from a 30mm thick aluminum sheet, is separated from the coolant by a layer of acrylic. The blocks incorporate the OptiFlow cooling engine, meticulously designed for optimal performance on Intel LGA 1700 socket processors. Through a combination of precise mounting pressure and tailored cold plate geometry, it minimizes hydraulic flow restriction, enabling the use of lower pump speeds or less powerful pumps for quieter operation.

Facilitating a seamless installation, the block adheres to EK-Matrix7 standards, ensuring compatibility with other EK products for smooth tubing runs. Employing the EK-ExactMount System, pre-tensioned springs concealed within the water block not only maintain a sleek aesthetic but also guarantee perfect mounting pressure.

Velocity1700SE 1

Pre-order the EK-Quantum Velocity² Edge D-RGB – 1700 Black/Silver Special Editions now on the EK Webshop at an MSRP of €199.90. Shipments for these special edition water blocks will commence in mid-February 2024, with AM5 versions set to be available shortly.

Source: EK