GALAX readies its Intel and AMD motherboards for the North American market

GALAX, mostly known for its graphics cards, including its all-white Hall-of-Fame series, is bringing in its motherboards to the NA market. For now, the company has plans to release Intel LGA 1200 and AMD AM4 socket motherboards for the North American market.

GALAX is not new to the motherboard business. But its usually kept itself in the APAC region until now. For the time being, it will have a few entry-level and mid-range variants. Its LGA 1200 variant uses H410 and B460 chipsets while the AM4 is starting with the B550. We should see A520 chipsets from GALAX once AMD formally releases it. Many companies have gaming branded motherboards prepared for the entry-level A520, which is something nobody for its predecessors. It also has an X570 mATX motherboard but the company chose not to.

GALAX motherboards launch North America

Needless to say, these won’t have all the bells and whistles, keeping itself around the $100 segment. But it is not every day (or every year) we get to see a new motherboard player. SuperMicro does have a SuperO segment and NZXT has one Z490 motherboard. Even with basic variation, GALAX has a few models and just want to test the unchartered waters. For the time being, the graphics card maker did not reveal any models, pricing or launch date. It shouldn’t take long considering these chipsets are already released. Time will tell if enthusiast will show a liking towards GALAX motherboards just like its graphics cards.