Gigabyte Shows AORUS Gen5 SSD 10000 With Up To 12.5 GB/s Read Speed

The Gen5 10000 SSD for M.2 interface has just been confirmed by AORUS. The storage comes in a black color scheme and has ditched the heatsink. The capacities available in AORUS’ SSDs will reach up to a whopping 4 TB.

AORUS Gen5 SSD 10000 1

The company has also shed some light on the performance of the new drive. The 1 TB variant can reach sequential read and write speeds of 12453.9 MB/s and 10074.5 MB/s respectively. These readings have been derived from the CrystalDiskMark tests.

aorus 10000

AMD is all set to reveal its Ryzen 7000 desktop platform which will support PCIe Gen5 storage and GPUs. Intel also supported PCIe Gen5 with its 600-series motherboards, however, there were only 16 lanes available from the 12th Gen Core CPU. This means that if the Gen5 storage was to be used, the GPU speed would only stay limited to 8 lanes. It won’t be wrong to say that storage developers didn’t really focus much on developing faster storage options till now.