How to Choose the PowerPoint Template Design Matching Your Topic?

Am I using the right presentation template? Do these colors match the message I want to deliver? Can this PowerPoint theme help me with my speech? These questions persecute everyone preparing for a responsible presentation as design always matters. Choosing irrelevant design might result in audience disappointment and losing interest in one’s speech, while the right design will only attract it. And if you don’t want to worry about its relevance, you should choose the right one from the start. Which stays not that difficult if you know that it satisfies 4 necessary properties.

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4 Qualities of the Right PowerPoint Template Design:

  1. It should stay consistent with main topic and target message: If you present your company or a startup, theme should reflect color specifications of its brand image or trademark. If you talk about some creative idea, it should stay bright and attractive so as to reflect its uniqueness and creativity;
  2. It should be original: Audience always yawns seeing slides based on a template, used for a large number of other presentations. So if you are really worried about an impact of your speech, never use standard PowerPoint themes. You can find multiple templates PPT on the Internet making final presentation interesting even for those, who had seen thousands of presentations;
  3. It should be flexible: Some templates are made for a specific purpose (like business or ecology themes) while others can be adjusted according to specific needs. The second type is better as you can use the same template for different projects reducing your costs on purchasing them. Try to download themes which have built-in charts and diagram options as they will add uniqueness to your work;
  4. It should be comfortable to look at: Avoid combinations of bright colors and pictures of different style. If your listeners don’t pay attention to what your presentation reveals because they cannot look at it, it is your fault. Thus you will never make slides achieve what you want.

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Does the Right Template Ensure Good Presentation Design?

Using templates is easier but successful presenters never completely rely on them. They try to include good-looking and persuasive pictures; they build smart-arts and select fonts which are relevant to the situation. Remember that choosing a template is only the first step to deliver a modest presentation. And it is your job to make your original design involving chosen theme. Even though you’ve bought this theme from a not well-known site and you see that all details match your needs, try to make it even more original. Anyway, PowerPoint has a large number of options to improve your design and if you use them properly, the impact of your presentation will be even greater.

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