In Win Introduces ModFree PC Chassis

InWin Development Inc. (InWin), a leading innovator in PC enthusiast and gaming hardware, has introduced the first ever fully modular case, the ModFree PC chassis. Fully interchangeable and expandable, it allows PC enthusiasts to freely transform the design, layout, and structure to meet their exact needs and preferences in hardware and cooling. InWin offers a Base Edition preset featuring Mod-I and Mod-II modules along with three InWin Jupiter AJ140 ARGB case fans. The Deluxe Edition preset comes with Mod-I, Mod-II, and two Mod-III modules, and four Jupiter AJ140 fans too.

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ModFree: An Easy, Sustainable System
The ModFree ecosystem is designed around toolless interlocking clips that allow users to easily swap modules around. Unlike conventional chassis, ModFree uses an inverted motherboard design that allows users to showcase their hardware from the left side of the desk instead of competing for space with the mouse pad on the right. Investing in this ecosystem ensures an upgrade to add more cooling or more space is just a module away, which also helps to reduce the environmental impact considering you would no longer need to build an entire new system anytime you need to upgrade. ModFree offers a 3D interactive assembly guide with easy-to-follow demonstrations and ideas for how to use each module. Users can also experiment with designs directly in the app.

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ModTastic Case Features
In addition to bundling several high-airflow Jupiter AJ140 ARGB case fans, ModFree also includes a complementary fan hub with support for eight ARGB fans and PWM headers, plus removable dust filters that can be easily slid out to clean. A condensed I/O offers a USB 3.2 Gen2x2 (Type-C), two USB 3.2 Gen 1 (Type-A), and a combo microphone/stereo headphone 3.5 mm jack that is compatible with most modern gaming headsets.

Maximum Cooling Potential
ModFree supports up to seven case fans or two 420 mm liquid cooling radiators (Deluxe Edition), plus can easily accommodate longer PSUs with up to 390 mm of space, flagship-grade graphics cards up to 440 mm (with Mod-III installed), and tall CPU coolers up to 200 mm high. Premium gaming and workstation. E-ATX motherboards with up to nine PCI-Express expansion slots are supported.

About InWin iBuild iShare initiative
InWin’s new iBuild iShare initiative is committed to developing interactive and engaging products that achieve a much more enriching PC building experience. iBuild iShare promotes the benefits of assembling and crafting your own PC with your own hands. These experiences are best had with someone special offering a helping hand. Share your work with family, friends, or fellow enthusiasts too!

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