Wednesday, September 26, 2018

iPad Mini 2 Succeed to Impress

I and Jack Frank who is an editor working at and also a lover of the Apple high tech products have both bought iPad mini 2 lately which is the latest technology product released by Apple Inc. After some time use, we feel that this purchase is so worth it and we want to have some comment on it.


Thin and Light Design
This new iPad mini is still light weighted and easy to hold in one hand even with Retina display and larger battery, which makes it much better than iPad mini.

Display so much better than that of iPad mini
With high resolution, standard definition and sharp font, it is easy for those to read or browse the website on iPad mini 2. Especially when watching videos or playing online games on it, you will feel so good and enjoy the visual effects brought by mini’s wide screen.

Impressive battery endurance
With almost the same charging time as iPad mini, the new generation can afford longer time playing games, watching videos and listening to music due to the larger battery and the powerful A7 chip with 64 bit architecture.

The iPad mini with Retina Display is so worth purchasing though it may cost you more than the iPad min. What will impress you is its thin and light design, stunning Retina display featuring over 3.1 million pixels, A7 chip with 64 bit architecture, 10 hours of battery life, portability and the faster surfing speed. This new iPad is a practical equipment which has not disappointed Apple fans.

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