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Latest Esports Gaming News – RLCS Season 11

It’s finally time! Though we had some competitive rocket league during the off season, in my opinion, it’s never enough! I want ALL the Rocket League ALL the time and it’s finally back! This weekend, the very first Regional (North America) of the Fall split for RLCS Season 11 (2021-22) starts tomorrow (October 15th, 2021, 6pm BST)! Are you excited? I’m excited, I’m not sure if it’s apparent or not but I’ve been waiting for this for so long! So, what’re we looking at for this regional, what format, what teams, which big names are representing new orgs! Best part about this season? LANs are back!!!!

It’s BACK, RLCS Season 11 (2021-22) and the excitement is building!

First we’re going to look at the format for the regional, before we start this isn’t my favourite format they run for these events but what it does is give some of the middle of the pack more chances to push into the qualifiers. So! This regional is running a Swiss format, for those who don’t know what that is, don’t worry, I’m here to explain that to you. We have settled on 16 teams after the open and invitational qualifying phases were complete. Before you start looking at all the betting stats from last season, it’s worth taking a look at the new roster changes, here they are:

FaZe Clan The General NRG G2 Esports Spacestation Gaming



( s ) daunt

( c ) Moopy




( s ) musty

( c ) Sizz




( c ) Satthew




( c ) Chrome

Team Envy Ghost Gaming Torrent Shopify Rebellion



( c ) Plip



Roll Dizz

( s ) Spoodah

( c ) Fakey




( s ) Dappur

( c ) Miztik




( s ) nexuhty

( c ) hawpsu

XSet Integrity Esports Team DVS Susequehanna Soniqs



( s ) Astroh

( c )




( s ) hazo

( c ) Scholar




( s ) Joshy

( c ) Jimmer




( s ) Cha

( c ) M3

True Neutral Charlotte Phoenix Rogue Version1



( c ) Aguesome




( s ) FireRaptor

( c ) Sub’N




( c ) CorruptedG




( c ) Fireburner

( s ) = Subtitute ( c ) = Coach

Okay so, get this, 16 teams. A share of $100k up for grabs. The way the Swiss format works is, the top 8 teams will qualify for the playoffs. To qualify you need to win 3 games, if you lose 3 you’re out. There are 5 rounds of games, as soon as you win 3, you’re done and you qualify for the playoffs, all matches in the Swiss Stage are best of 5. This format also allows for seeding in the playoffs.1st place plays 8th, 2nd plays 7th, 3rd plays 6th and 4th plays 5th. The playoffs are a single elimination bracket, all games are best of 7 except the grand final, which is a best of 3 set for best of 7s, first to win 2 best of 7s takes $30k and 301 points!

That’s the format, that’s what we’ve got to look forward to this weekend. Now, I hear you back there, looking at that roster list above, some big name changes up there right? That’s what we’re gonna be looking at right now, so strap in, it’s about to get exciting. The first big thing you might notice is True Neutral being part of the NA RLCS. Yeah, you’re reading that right. After dominating the South American region for a while they have decided to see how they fare moving into the North American region. They relocated their team to Mexico from Argentina so they were eligible to compete and they qualified for the very first regional of the season, there are going to be a lot of eyes on them to see how they do, I expect them to at least make the playoffs, whether they make it out of the quarter finals is a big ask though!

Next up, you’ll notice 2 big names changing colours for FaZe and Rogue, that’s right. Firstkiller and Gyro. So Gyro was removed from the starting roster for FaZe on the 22nd of June, this caught me off guard honestly as I thought Gyro was actually pretty good, but somehow, they managed to replace him with Firstkiller who almost single handedly carried Rogue last season, I don’t think anybody doubts that they wouldn’t have had the success they had in season X if it wasn’t for Firstkiller. At only 16 years old too, Firstkiller has his entire future ahead of him and will arguably dominate this Esport for years to come. The only thing that remains to be said about this is that FaZe are looking damn good this season so far, it wouldn’t surprise me if they win this regional. Just a tip from your boy there.

NRG were the winners last time we had world championships on LAN (season 8) 3 years ago.

The last big trade I want to mention is Roll Dizz, some of you may know Roll Dizz from Rocket Leagues, First Touch podcast that they do every monday, with him, Dazerin (RLCS Caster) and TBates (Sub for EUNited), however. Last season, Roll Dizz was the coach/manager for the Susquehanna Soniqs, towards the end of the season he ended up playing more games. The Soniqs released Roll Dizz and Shock, picking up Andy and ZPS with M3 as their coach. Roll Dizz and Shock stuck together, joining up with LionBlaze at Ghost Gaming. Fun fact, Ghost Gaming qualified for the regional top 8 from the Invitational Qualifier, Soniqs. They ended up 9-11th dropping into the Open Qualifier, adding extra steps to their run. They qualified 5th place. So both teams made it to the regional, interesting right?

That’s gonna do it for me today! I’m super excited we’ve got the RLCS back and I’m looking forward to consuming all the RLCS content I can physically absorb. I’m so excited to see Team BDS (EU) get to LAN and see if they can assert their dominance in the same way they did last season on the big stage. SO EXCITING! Take care everybody!