MSI Readies An Army Of Six New QD-OLED Gaming Monitors

Chi11eddog seems to possess a trustworthy insider connection within MSI, given that this leaker has divulged extensive details about the company’s forthcoming products, encompassing specifications and pricing. Next in line for leaks are MSI’s upcoming QD-OLED monitors.

As indicated in the leaked roadmap, MSI plans to unveil a total of six models, with the initial one expected in November, while the rest are scheduled for release in January. It’s highly probable that these monitors will make their debut during MSI’s CES 2024 presentation.

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The collection will include various resolutions, including Dual-QHD (DQHD/5120×1440), Ultra-Wide QHD (3440×1440), UHD (3840×2160), and QHD (2560×1440) monitors, all featuring QD-OLED technology. These screens will be offered in both the MAG and MPG product series, offering refresh rates ranging from 144Hz to an impressive 360Hz.

MSI’s upcoming QD-OLED monitor lineup includes:

3. MPG 321UPX QD-OLED, UHD/240
4. MAG 321UPX QD-OLED, UHD/240
5. MPG 271QPX QD-OLED, QHD/360
6. MAG 271QPX QD-OLED, QHD/360

As per the information from the insider, the first monitor in the series, the MAG 341CQP QD-OLED, is set to provide an Ultra-Wide QHD resolution, a curvature of 1800R, and a 175 Hz refresh rate. It’s rumored to be a more affordable alternative to the MEG 342C, currently priced at $999. While the MAG series is targeted as a lower-tier choice, it might not include some features found in the higher-end MEG series. Nonetheless, it’s anticipated that the core panel technology will remain consistent between the two.

MSI QD OLED Gaming Monitors.jpegw3.webp

The other monitors in the lineup will utilize flat displays with either 4K 240Hz or WQHD 360Hz panels. Every model will be released within both the MPG and MAG series and will offer either Type-C 90W or 15W connectivity. The roadmaps suggest that while the announcement is anticipated in January, the actual product launch might occur later, possibly in Q2.