New Job Listings Hint At Nintendo Switch 2 HDR Support

The possibility of HDR support for the upcoming Nintendo Switch 2 console is hinted at by recent job postings at Nintendo. According to Doctre81‘s report, Nintendo is actively recruiting a graphics engineer to test the console’s display capabilities on various television models and brands, as well as enhance the display testing for their system. These job listings strongly indicate that Nintendo is working on an exciting new project that demands rigorous testing.

nintendo switch 2

What strongly suggests that the Nintendo Switch 2 will feature HDR support is another job listing for a Senior Engineer in Display Technology & Development. This role involves tasks such as improving image quality through image processing and tone mapping techniques. While the listing doesn’t explicitly mention HDR support, the reference to tone mapping techniques makes it highly likely that Nintendo is exploring high-dynamic range capabilities for its upcoming console.

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Despite the absence of official announcements about the Nintendo Switch 2 console, we have garnered some insights into its potential capabilities through numerous reports. It is rumored that the console will offer support for NVIDIA DLSS and hardware ray tracing, and its handheld mode performance is expected to fall roughly within a 15% range of that seen in the Xbox Series S and the ASUS ROG Ally.