NVIDIA GeForce RTX 4080 Is Now Available For £1099 In UK, £100 Below Current MSRP

Who doesn’t like a good game of a competition? It’s no longer simply NVIDIA vs. AMD for the greatest graphics card for the money. Retailers are now being forced to drop the price on their RTX 4080 cards since there are no longer any cryptominers in the area, and scalpers are finding it difficult to sell cards they had purchased.

As part of their “Crispy Deal,” one UK store has reduced the price of their RTX 4080 to £1,099.99. This pricing is cheaper than the official RTX 4080 MSRP in the United Kingdom, which is £1,199. The MSRP for the UK was just revised to match the new US Dollar value, although this deal is still £100 less.

The cheapest RTX 4080, according to UK price comparison sites, is the Palit GameRock OmniBlack model for £1,199. The card sold by AWD-IT is very similar; however, it has some additional RGB lights. Furthermore, since this is not an OC model, the factory clocks are used.

NVIDIA may shortly reduce the cost of the RTX 4080. Such a change might occur as AMD prepares to introduce its Radeon RX 7900 series next week. In the Ada Lovelace range, the second-best GPU from NVIDIA is threatened by the flagship RDNA3 card. However, the availability of RDNA3 would be a major factor in any such action, which raises some doubts.