NZXT Announces the New and Improved H5 Series Cases and T120 Series of CPU Coolers

NZXT, a leader in PC gaming hardware and services, today announces the successor to their popular H510 mid-tower ATX case, the H5 Flow and H5 Elite, and the T120 series of air coolers. The H5 Series features two new ATX compatible cases that will be the main chassis featured in NZXT’s mid-tower lineup; they feature better overall thermal performance, improved cable management channels, and features the classic design that NZXT’s H series is known for.

Each case in the H5 series features an opened-up top that allows for the mounting of one 240 mm radiator or two 120 mm fans for improved thermal performance. These mid-tower cases maintain ATX compatibility in a compact form factor. The side panels are toolfree, allowing easy entry to update any parts, fix any issue, and check in on your gaming PC. With optimized thermal performance and intuitive cable management, the H5 is an ideal chassis for most builds.

The H5 Flow
nzxt h5 3
The H5 Flow focuses on getting the maximum cooling for your components with its perforated front panel. And along with the bottom intake fan that is optimally angled to circulate hot air to the top quicker, allowing for a cooler chassis. The H5 Flow comes in all-white or all-black to suit any style.

The H5 Elite
nzxt h5 2
The H5 Elite is designed for people who want to create a showcase build for their setup. Each H5 Elite comes with two F140 RGB fans that are showcased through the tempered front glass panel. Additionally, an NZXT RGB fan controller comes built in that allows users to personalize their RGB lighting with NZXT CAM. With the improved top ventilation and bottom intake fan found in the H5 series, cooling performance is improved over the previous generations. Available color options include all-white or all-black.

nzxt t120 1
The new T120 Air cooler is easy to install and maintain CPU cooler. This new air cooler features high-quality heat pipes to provide cooling to the CPU efficiently. The T120 can also come with RGB and is NZXT CAM software compatible for control of RGB and fan curves.

H5 Series Main Features

  • A pre-installed fan near the bottom intake panel is angled for better overall cooling
  • A perforated top panel provides optimal ventilation
  • Intuitive cable management system with wide channels, hooks, and straps
  • Tool-less access to front and side panels
  • The top panel supports up to 2x 120 mm fans or 240 mm radiator
  • Features Exclusive to the NZXT H5 Flow
  • The perforated front panel allows for the highest cooling potential
  • Includes two preinstalled F120 Fans
  • The front panel supports up to 2x 140 mm fans or 280 mm radiator

Features Exclusive to the NZXT H5 Elite

  • Tempered glass front panel and built-in RGB controller
  • Includes two pre-installed F140 RGB fans and one F120Q fan


  • High-Quality heat pipes
  • F120 fans (RGB or Not) with high static pressure great for
  • Easy to mount for both AMD and Intel sockets
  • Non-RGB or RGB options to fit your build
  • Controlled via NZXT CAM and works with other CAM-enabled accessories
  • Black and white options are available

H5 Series MSRP:

  • H5 Flow: $94.99
  • H5 Elite: $139.99

T120 Series MSRP:

  • T120: $49.99
  • T120 RGB: $59.99


  • H5 Series: Now on
  • T120 Series: Now on

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