SK hynix Announces Mass Production of 238-Layer 3D NAND With Up To 50% Faster Data Transfers

Today, Hynix Inc. made an announcement regarding the commencement of mass production for its 238-layer 4D NAND Flash memory. This significant milestone comes after the initial development in August 2022, and the company is currently conducting compatibility testing with a renowned global smartphone manufacturer.

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The recently introduced 238-layer NAND product, which is the smallest in size, showcases a notable 34% increase in manufacturing efficiency compared to its predecessor, the 176-layer version. This advancement contributes significantly to enhancing cost competitiveness for the company.

Furthermore, the 238-layer NAND offers impressive features such as a data-transfer speed of 2.4Gb per second, exhibiting a remarkable 50% boost from the previous generation. Additionally, there’s an approximate 20% improvement in both read and write speeds. With these enhancements, Hynix Inc. is confident in delivering enhanced performance to its smartphone and PC customers utilizing this cutting-edge technology.

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Upon the successful completion of the product compatibility test with the global smartphone manufacturer, SK hynix will commence the supply of the 238-layer NAND product specifically designed for smartphones. Moreover, the company plans to extend the utilization of this technology to various product portfolios, including PCIe 5.0 SSDs and high-capacity server SSDs in the future.

We will continue to overcome NAND technology limitations and increase our competitiveness so that we can achieve a bigger turnaround than anyone else during the upcoming market rebound,” said Jumsoo Kim, Head of S238 NAND at SK hynix.