Zalman Shows off Some Interesting AiOs At Computex

During Computex Zalman was showing off some interesting all-in-one liquid CPU cooling solutions. Their first was the Reserator5 Z-series of all-in-one liquid CPU coolers. These make use of two impellers in the actual pump block. One is dedicated to the coolant intake, while the other is used after the coolant passes through the block’s micro-fin lattice and pushes the coolant to the radiator.

Zalman Reserator5 Z AIO CPU cooler

This design is actually Zalman’s original design and is patented by the company. The cooler will be available in two models, the Reserator5 Z24 (240 mm), and the Reserator 5 Z36 (360 mm). The fans on these coolers spin between 800 to 2000 RPM, pushing up to 77.37 CFM of air, and have a noise output of 37 dBA.

The next all-in-one liquid cooling solution shown off by Zalman was their Alpha Series. This cooler has a more traditional impeller design, but the pump block has a pretty interesting design as it looks very much like a traditional heatsink. On this “heatsink” you’ll find a 7-segment LED display that will show the coolant temperature in real time.

Zalman Alpha AIO CPU cooler

These coolers will be available in three sizes which are 240mm, 380mm, and 360mm. They also will come in both black and what appears to be silver/white color options. The RGB fans on these coolers will run between 500 to 1800 RPM, pushing up to 71.1 CFM, with a noise output of 38 dBA.

Both of these coolers will support the latest CPU sockets including LGA1700, AM5, LGA1200, and AM4. No word yet on pricing or availability.

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