Apotop Travel Wi-Router, Wi-Reader & Wi-Reader Pro Review

Apotop has found a way to package stellar wireless performance, support for SD Cards and a wide range of USB devices, not to mention they’ve created an iOS app that provides users with the freedom to wirelessly manage their media and documents with ease. To put it in simpler terms, each of the Apotop devices I reviewed are phenomenal. I’ve never experienced third party devices that were so easy to use and an app that didn’t crash or have other shortcomings. With that said, Apotop’s products can seem a bit pricey. Here’s a breakdown:

Travel Wi-Router: $34.99 (Amazon)
Wi-Reader: $79.99 (Amazon)
Wi-Reader Pro: $89.99 (Amazon)

While the Travel Wi-Router is reasonably priced, Wi-Reader should be around $59.99. I’d feel most comfortable spending $89.99 for Wi-Reader Pro. It has a 7 hour battery, all of the features of the previous SKUs, and is a bit better looking with a silver Macbook Pro-like finish. Pricing aside, each device performs as it should and does a great job at it. Overall ThinkComputers gives all three devices a 10 out of 10 score!

rating10 10 small

– Stellar wireless performance
– Up and running in less than a minute
– Reads NTFS formatted external hard drives
– Some SKUs have built in batteries
– Wi-Reader iOS app is solid and feature fledged

– None