Wednesday, December 12, 2018


The Evolution of Consoles

Infographic: The Evolution of Gaming Consoles

Game consoles have come a long way in a very short period of time. The gamers of today would get a hearty laugh if they were to experience the gaming consoles that first sparked the passion for digital gaming that many of us hold so dearly. It all started back in 1967. Many of you may be thinking of pong already. However, the Atari classic did not hit the shelves until 1976.


Infographic: How Much Does Google Know About You?

If you didn't know Google tracks everything that we do. If you have a Google account then they are tracking all of the websites you go to, what you search and much more. Because of this they can serve us ads that cater to our interests. I'm sure you've seen those in your search results or even in Gmail. So how much does Google really know about you? This Infographic will get you the details.


Infographic: Accessing the Mobile Web

From traditional browsing to apps, a lot has changed on the mobile web in recent years. People have become less dependent upon their mobile phone's native browser, though they still tend to use it for quick web access. Apps have become a leader in accessibility because of their small-screen compatibility, and many other changes have become evident, too. People now have the ability to access their favorite websites via apps and it has never been easier to update social profiles. Find out how this could affect usage of smartphones and other mobile devices in the years to come. This infographic will reveal whether apps or browsers get results faster on mobile phones, much more.


Infographic: Why We Use Mobile Media More Than Our TV

Watching television, which used to be our guilty pleasure, is now being surpassed by mobile media. Because this is such an integral part of our society, it is only right that we better understand how and why it is so popular. Check out this infographic to learn more interesting information about the growing adoption of mobile media.

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Infographic: What Happens When Your Computer Boots Up

We interact with computer technology every day. Yet most people know very little about how they work, their strange and magical inner-processes continue to remain a mystery. When you open up your laptop, power up a desktop, or give an <a href="" target="new">Android tablet</a> a whirl, there’s an intricate mechanical process occurring inside. Here’s a simplified <a href="" target="new">infographic</a> to show you what happens when your computer boots up.


Infographic: Smartphone Trends for 2013

Think you're savvy with a smartphone? Do you know all the facts about your <a href="" target="_blank">unlocked iPhone</a>? For example, in 2013 smartphones are projected to become the most common device used to access the internet. Take advantage of the information we collected, so that you can fully understand the growing trends in mobile technology. So check out this info graphic and learn more about your handheld gateway to the world.

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