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Zotac Factory Tour In Dongguan, China

As part of their 10th Anniversary celebration Zotac organized a factory tour for members of the media. The factory tour took place in Dongguan, China at the PC Partner facility. PC Partner is actually the holding company of Zotac. This facility is where all of the Zotac graphics cards and mini PCs are made. Through the factory tour Zotac showed us exactly how their graphics cards and Mini PC's are produced from start to finish.

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Zotac Shows Us The Sonix 10 Year Anniversary Special Edition SSD

The last major product that Zotac showed us at their 10th Anniversary event in Hong Kong has the brand new Sonix 10 Year Anniversary Special Edition SSD. This PCI-Express solid state drive offers sequential read and write speeds of 2800 MB/s and 1500 MB/s respectively. The drive features a 10th Anniversary logo on the top, and a large Zotac logo on the back which will light up with RGB lighting when illuminated.

VR GO Backpack
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Zotac Shows Off New VR GO Backpack

At their 10th Anniversary event in Hong Kong Zotac unveiled their new VR GO Backpack. If you remember Zotac first showed off the VR Go Backpack at Computex. Since then they have taken the feedback from both gamers and VR makers like HTC and Oculus to improve upon the original design.

SilverStone RVZ02
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SilverStone Debuts RVZ02 Compact Case

SilverStone's RVZ01 case has been quite popular for the company and they are following it up with the RVZ02. If you know about the RVZ01, you know it is an extremely small and compact case. Well SilverStone was able to make the RVZ02 even smaller! It has a volume of only 10 liters compared to the 14 liters of the RVZ01.

PNY Solid State Drives
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PNY Shows New Solid State Drives

At CES 2015 PNY was showing a few new solid state drives. We are sure one will really catch your attention and that is the CS2111. It is aimed at the at the gamer / enthusiast and has a very attractive outer housing. The solid state drive is part of PNY's XLR8 line of products so you know it is going to be high quality.

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