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Our CES 2024 Coverage!

ThinkComputers Podcast #392 – CES 2024 Recap!

This week on the podcast we go over our trip to Las Vegas for CES 2024 and talk about all of the cool things we saw there from the OLED displays, to the gaming handhelds, to the PC cases & more!

Gigabyte Unveils Gaming Monitors With Industry’s First DisplayPort 2.1 UHBR20 Connectivity

Gigabyte has introduced a range of gaming monitors, including models with the world’s first DisplayPort 2.1 UHBR20 connectivity.

MSI CLAW 2 Gaming Handheld Is Already In Works

According to an interview with Clifford Chun, MSI’s System Product Managing Director, reported by IGN, it is disclosed that the Claw marks just the initial phase of MSI’s ambitious agenda. They are already considering future updates for the series, pledging additional powerful CPU and GPU choices.

CES 2024 – ADATA Shows Off Unique Hybrid CPU Cooler

We’ve seen some interesting combinations of hardware at this year’s CES 2024, and one that really stuck out to us was from ADATA – not a company most people think of right away when it comes to cooling components. At first glance this product looks like your standard dual-fan CPU tower cooler, but when you take a closer look, you will see that it is much more than that.

CES 2024 – CyberPowerPC Intros New Cases and Liquid Cooled Laptop

Our friends over at CyberPowerPC were excited to show off some of their new cases, and even a liquid cooled laptop, at CES 2024, and we were more than happy to take a look. CyberPowerPC always seems to be working on something new, which is great for us, as we get to see the fruits of their labors every year in Las Vegas before they become released to the masses. Checkout some of the new cases and even a liquid cooled laptop in this review of what we saw from CyberPowerPC at CES 2024.

CES 2024 – ASRock’s New Motherboards & OLED Display’s

ASRock is a company we mainly know for their motherboards and they did have a few new boards this year at CES. ASRock also jumped into the monitor space this past year and they don’t plan to slow down there. They showed us some of their new OLED panels as well as some very fast refresh rate displays at CES 2024!

CES 2024 – Razer Shows Wide Range Of New Products In Las Vegas

The only booth that we visited on the show floor at CES 2024 was Razer. Not because we didn’t want to chat with anyone else there, but because they continue to be pretty much the only large company we work with that still has a large booth in the LVCC. Aside from the location info, we did get to experience some of their new products in-person at the show, and have provided at bit of info for each one in the following roundup.

CES 2024 – be quiet! Is Bringing All-White Cases & Fans!

Well that is going to change as be quiet! will not only be launching a white version of their Dark Base Pro 901, but another case and you’ll see white versions of their fans as well.

CES 2024 – Cooler Master Debuts New Desk Accessory and Stream Gear

Cooler Master doesn’t just make PC cases, coolers, and peripherals – they have a good variety of PC lifestyle offerings as well, and two of them that we wanted to cover from this year’s CES 2024 were pretty impressive. If you’re anything like me, my desk can become a bit of a mess, and I’m always looking to use multiple devices at my desk, but run into the issues of having to find an open outlet and running new cables for connectivity. They’ve got a nice solution for that now. Additionally, their new modular control surface aims to improve your on-screen presence with ease.

CES 2024 – Lexar Shows off New Storage & DDR5!

Lexar has really impressed us over this past year with their storage and memory products so we were excited to see what all they had to offer at CES 2024!

CES 2024 – InWin’s Latest Cases

InWin was present at CES 2024 and they were showing off some new case designs they have been working on over the last year or so. Last year we saw them introduce their ModFree series, as well as the POC series, and we have seen the latest iterations of those lineups at the show this year. A few other cases were being shown off as well, so let’s go ahead and take a look.

CES 2024 – HYTE Launches Unique Gear With Flair

One of the newest brands to pop up in the enthusiast PC realm in the last few years is HYTE, and they have delivered hit after hit, especially with their very popular Y-series of cases. Here at CES 2024 we got a chance to take a look at two of HYTE’s latest products the Keeb TKL keyboard and the THICC Q60 digital processor cooler.

CES 2024 – DeepCool Shows Off New Coolers and Cases

DeepCool has been killing it lately with their new coolers, and we were excited to check out their upcoming products here at CES 2024. Their meeting room was full of new hardware ranging from fans and heatsinks, to AIO coolers, cases and more. They even had a large build off to the side that was made to look like some sort of walking autonomous sentry, with dual rotating barrels that actually shot Nerf darts.

CES 2024 – Yeyian Showcases Exciting Components

Known mainly for their pre-built gaming systems, Yeyian was showing off a wide array of components and peripherals at CES 2024. We have been following this brand closely as they work to grow their brand in the US market, and think that they have a successful future ahead of them. Check out these new products that we encountered while visiting them at the show.

CES 2024 – Corsair is Bringing Dual-Chamber Cases Back!

Well it looks like Corsair will finally have a successor to these cases in their new 6500X and 2500X dual-chamber cases!

EK Velocity² 1700 Special Edition CPU WaterBlock Is Now Up For Preorders

If you appreciate the crystal design of GameRock RTX graphics cards, the EKWB Velocity² 1700 Special Edition CPU water block is an attractive companion.

Samsung Shows Off Its Ultra-Thin And Light 4K Display ‘The Link’ At CES 2024

Samsung aims to address this issue with ‘The Link,’ unveiled at CES 2024. This ultra-thin and lightweight display offers portability and a standout feature – wireless connectivity to other ‘The Link’ displays, eliminating the need for additional cables.

CES 2024 – MSI’s Claw Gaming Handheld & More!

So far at CES 2024, MSI has had the widest range of new products that we have encountered. MSI was showing everything from laptops and desktops to peripherals, cooling, and more. We made the trip to Las Vegas for CES 2024 so you didn’t have to, and here are the items we found to be the most interesting in our visit.

CES 2024 – Cooler Master’s New Cooling Products for 2024!

It might just be a coincidence, but it has felt a bit colder than usual this year at CES 2024, and it could be due to the new coolers that we saw while visiting Cooler Master’s large suite full of new hardware. We were really impressed with the sheer number of cooling options for not only CPUs, but cases and storage devices as well, and we put together a rundown of some of these new products below.

HYTE Shows Off Its THICC Q60 AIO Liquid Cooler With A 5″ IPS Display

HYTE has introduced its first AIO liquid cooler, the THICC Q60, boasting a sizable IPS display and emphasizing “competitive” thermal capabilities.

Thermaltake Reveals The Tower 300 Mini PC Case With Unique Design

Thermaltake’s “The Tower 300” is a unique mini-tower PC case crafted to highlight your hardware components.

CES 2024 – Hands on with new ASUS OLEDs, ROG NUC & More!

CES 2024 is in full swing here in Las Vegas, and we got a chance to take a look at a ton of new products from ASUS. While we could write a nearly endless article about all of the new laptops, network devices, peripherals, PCs and more, we have put together a list of our favorite items that ASUS was launching at the show.

ASUS Shows Off Its Wearable Smart Glasses, The AirVision M1 During CES 2024

During CES 2024, ASUS revealed its AirVision M1 wearable smart glasses among various computer hardware.

CES 2024 – Thermaltake Celebrates New Cases, Coolers, and 25 Years

It is always nice to meet up with our friends at Thermaltake during our yearly trip to Las Vegas for CES, and 2024 was no different. Celebrating 25 years, Thermaltake was on-site to showcase all of their latest products, and we are here to tell you all about them.

ASUS Unveils ROG SWIFT OLED 2024 Gaming Monitor Lineup With Flat-Screen 4K Designs & Dual-Mode Tech Support

ASUS unveiled a lineup of new gaming monitors, the ROG SWIFT OLED & QD-OLED, at CES 2024.

LENOVO Announces GeForce RTX 40 SUPER And RTX 4090D Legion GPUs

Soon, the Legion gaming PC series will incorporate the latest models such as the RTX 4080 SUPER, RTX 4070 Ti SUPER, and RTX 4070 SUPER.

CES 2024 – Looking At New AORUS OLED Monitor’s from Gigabyte

As we entered Gigabyte’s meeting room here at CES 2024, you could tell they were excited to talk about their new monitors, as they were all lined up directly to our right as we walked in. This set of monitors on display makes for an impressive lineup, and we are going to provide some information on each one below. If you are in the market for a new display, especially for gaming, then you definitely need to check this list out.

CES 2024 – Lightweight Gaming Mice From Cherry

When you think of mechanical keyboard switches, the name Cherry is usually the first one that comes to mind. And while that is one large portion of Cherry’s portfolio, they also offer gaming mice, specifically the Cherry XTRFY series. Here at CES 2024, we got a look at some awesome lightweight gaming mice that we were really excited to check out.

CES 2024 – Patriot Memory Shows Off Blazing Fast SSDs and Memory

It is always a pleasure to see the folks at Patriot Memory during CES, and this year they were focused on showing us how they are preparing components not only for now, but for the future. While we did see many of their current offerings, we were really excited to see some of their latest engineering preview products that could soon make their way into full-fledged products.

ASUS ROG NUC Goes Official Featuring Core Ultra 9 And RTX 40 GPU

ASUS has finally unveiled its much anticipated Mini Gaming PC; The ROG NUC. The Core Ultra 185H processor, part of the flagship Meteor Lake-H series, has been officially confirmed to power the ROG NUC.

ASUS Shows Off Cable-Free GeForce RTX 4090 BTF GPU With 600W PCIe Connector

ASUS is partnering with diverse companies to materialize this concept. It’s crucial to highlight that these graphics cards will demand dedicated motherboards with the designated connectors, and cooperation with PC chassis manufacturers is necessary.

MSI Claw Handheld Gaming PC Goes Official At CES 2024; Starts At $699

Distinguishing itself in a market dominated by devices like the Steam Deck, the Claw runs on an Intel Meteor Lake processor, a departure from the AMD CPUs commonly found in its competitors such as the Steam Deck, Asus ROG Ally, and Lenovo Legion Go.

Phison PS5026-E26 Max14um Solid State Drive Preview

This year they are ushering in a new level of performance with their PS5026-E26 “Max14um” controller. We’ve already seen many different drives this past use make use of the PS5026-E26 controller, but the PS5026-E26 “Max14um” is something completely different.

CES 2024 – Lenovo’s Latest Laptops and More!

Lenovo always has some pretty awesome new products to check out at CES, like last year’s dual-screen laptop, and this year is no different. We visited the folks at Lenovo here at CES 2024 and wanted to make sure you knew about our favorite picks.

Acer Unveils A New Lineup Of Gaming Monitors At CES 2024

Acer has revealed a remarkable lineup of monitors during CES 2024. The flagship model, Predator Z57, presents a massive 57-inch screen with Dual UHD resolution (7,680 x 2,160 pixels) and a 120Hz refresh rate.

CES 2024 – Hands On With Samsung’s New Gaming Monitors

CES 2024 got off to an early start tonight with Samsung’s First Look event at Caesar’s Palace here in Las Vegas. We got a chance to sit down and experience a variety of gaming experiences with multiple new monitors from Samsung, and I have to say, each year Samsung on-ups themselves with their amazing new releases.

MSI To Unveil GeForce RTX 4060 Ti Gaming Slim Monster Hunter Edition GPU At CES 2024

MSI plans to reveal upcoming products during CES 2024, including limited-edition series celebrating the 20th Anniversary of Capcom’s Monster Hunter series.

Cooler Master Unveils Its First Mini-LED Gaming Monitor, The Tempest G2711

Cooler Master introduces its first Mini-LED gaming monitor, the Tempest G2711, showcasing a unique cooling design.

ASUS To Launch ROG NUC At CES 2024; Could Feature Arc Graphics

There are rumors about an upcoming release being integrated into the ROG family, and ASUS has officially confirmed this information by teasing its inaugural ROG NUC, marking the company’s entry into this product category.

Cooler Master Announces the V8 3DVC CPU Cooler with Vapor Chamber

Discover the future of CPU cooling technology with Cooler Master’s V8 3DVC. Engineered for high-performance, it features advanced superconductive heat pipes and a redesigned vapor chamber, offering unparalleled cooling efficiency.

LG To Announce 27-inch QHD OLED Gaming Display With 480Hz Refresh Rate At CES 2024

LG has announced the successful development of a 27-inch 480Hz QHD display utilizing OLED technology.

Razer To Unveil Blade 16 Laptop; The World’s First 16-inch 240Hz OLED Display At CES 2024

Razer is offering a sneak peek at two upcoming Blade laptops set to be officially revealed at CES 2024.Razer Blade 16 boasts the world’s initial 16-inch 240Hz OLED panel.

MSI To Announce ‘CLAW’, Its First Gaming Handheld Device At CES 2024; To Be Powered By Core Ultra 7 155H SKU

MSI is teasing a new gaming handheld device on Instagram, scheduled for an official reveal at CES 2024.

ThinkComputers Podcast #391 – Best of 2023, New OLEDs, CES 2024 Preview & More!

This week on the podcast we go over our reviews of the Cooler Master MasterAir MA824 Stealth CPU Cooler and the FlexiSpot C7 Ergonomic Office Chair. We also discuss some of our favorite products of 2023, new OLED displays from LG & Samsung, and give a preview of what to expect next week at CES 2024!

Samsung Announces Odyssey OLED 2024 Gaming Monitor Lineup At CES 2024

Samsung has unveiled its latest lineup of Odyssey OLED gaming monitors at CES 2024. These new models, namely the Odyssey OLED G9 (G95SD model), Odyssey OLED G8 (G80SD model), and Odyssey OLED G6 (G60SD model), promise the performance and visual clarity sought after by gamers.

Alleged Intel i9-14900KS Processor Pictured

A new picture has surface online of what appears to be the unreleased Intel Core i9-14900KS processor. This picture was found by HXL on twitter who apparently saw it on the Chinese QQ chat platform.

Cooler Master To Launch X-Silent 1100W Fanless Power Supply With 12VHPWR Connector At CES 2024

The Cooler Master X-Silent 1100W stands out with its rare combination of a fanless design and high power rating, a feature not commonly found in high-power supplies.

LG To Reveal ‘MyView’ 4K Smart Monitor At CES 2024

LG Electronics is set to unveil its latest ‘LG MyView’ smart monitors at CES 2024. Tailored for both productivity and entertainment, these monitors boast the renowned webOS platform, along with a range of user-friendly features and connectivity options.

Lenovo Legion Y7000/Y9000 2024 Gaming Laptops Series Leaked

Lenovo is preparing to launch a new series of gaming laptops called Legion Y7000, Y9000P, Y9000K, and Y9000X.

Geekom To Showcase Mini PCs Powered By Intel “Meteor Lake” And AMD “Hawk Point” At CES 2024

Geekom plans to unveil three new compact systems incorporating the latest CPU series from Intel and AMD.

NVIDIA RTX 40 SUPER Series Review Schedule & Embargo’s Leaked

A new leaked GeForce Desktop Embargo schedule has been leaked by VideoCardz. This embargo schedule lets us know what RTX 40 SUPER cards are going to be announced, when we can expect unboxing videos, reviews, and on-shelf availability.

RTX 40 SUPER Series Launch Dates Revealed

According to IT Home the RTX 4070 SUPER will launch on January 17th, the RTX 4070 Ti SUPER will follow, launching on January 24th, and then finally the RTX 4080 SUPER on January 31st.

NVIDIA To Deliver Special Address During CES 2024, GeForce RTX 40 SUPER Incoming?

Similar to the previous year, NVIDIA is scheduled to present a special presentation at CES 2024, starting on January 9.

MSI QD-OLED Gaming Monitor Lineup To Debut At CES 2024

MSI is gearing up to broaden its range of QD-OLED gaming monitors, with intentions to unveil multiple models targeting the high-end gaming market