CES 2024 – HYTE Launches Unique Gear With Flair

One of the newest brands to pop up in the enthusiast PC realm in the last few years is HYTE, and they have delivered hit after hit, especially with their very popular Y-series of cases. Here at CES 2024 we got a chance to take a look at two of HYTE’s latest products the Keeb TKL keyboard and the THICC Q60 digital processor cooler.

Keeb TKL

The Keeb TKL is, as the name implies, a tenkeyless mechanical keyboard. That is where anything normal about this keyboard ends, as the Keeb TKL is loaded with some awesome features we haven’t seen anywhere else. First up are the in-house HYTE “Fluffy Lavendar” linear key switches that are housed beneath the double-shot PBT keycaps. These switches come pre-lubed from the factory with Krytox 205g0 for extra smooth typing pleasure, as do the stabilizers on the larger keys. Each switch is hot swappable, so you are free to change things up should you want to go a different route with your typing and gaming style. Up in the top left corner of the keyboard is a collection of five dedicated media keys, but these utilize the very unique HYTE “Flappy Paddle” tactile switches, which offer a tilting motion experience when pressed. Just above these keys is a pair of magnetic scroll bars that can be configured to custom operations via HYTE’s Nexus software, though they are set to adjust volume and brightness by default. There is also a dedicated button for adjusting the lighting of the Keeb TKL, though the Nexus software might prove to be more robust. Ensuring the typing experience is one that his high quality, the Keeb TKL utilizes gasket mounting, with four layers of sound dampening materials for a gentle, muted typing experience. In addition to the lighting found beneath ever keycap, the base of the Keeb TKL is home to 155 qRGB LEDs that looked absolutely amazing shining through the crystal clear body components found on this keyboard. Available now, the HYTE Keeb TKL is priced at $179.99.



This next product was actually shown to us behind closed doors at last year’s CES, and we finally have the finished product to share. The THICC Q60 is a 240mm all-in-one liquid cooler with a ton of exiting features. The most noticeable of those features has got to be the 5″ IPS screen mounted over the waterblock housing on the cooler. This screen can display nearly any type of content you can imagine from standard images and GIFs, to full blown monitoring statistics via HYTE’s own Nexus software. You can even rotate and swivel the screen to git it placed just right for your build. Lending itself to the THICC name is the 240mm radiator that comes in at a staggering 52mm thickness, much more than the standard 27mm we tend to see on most other AIO coolers. Paired up with the radiator is a pair of 120mm fans which have also seen the THICC treatment, as they are 32mm thick. This combination lends itself to a very THICC looking cooler that offers great performance and looks. Additionally, the THICC Q60 features HYTE’s Nexus Link Type-M connectors that allow for easy pairing of fans without the hassles of cable messes. Adding to the connections on the radiator is an additional Type-M connector for attaching additional HYTE items like light strips and additional fans. The THICC Q60 is available now for $299.99.


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