Saturday, November 17, 2018

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ASUS ROG Announces Their Own Gaming Phone

Back in November 2017 Razer sort of shocked the mobile world by releasing their own phone, which was aimed towards mobile gamers. It looks like ASUS is getting into the game as they have just announced the ROG Gaming Phone. ASUS seems to be pulling out all of the stops with this new smartphone.

CES 2018

Control Your Graphics Card With Your Smartphone!

Almost every graphics card you buy will come with control software for it. In the case of Zotac you have their FireStorm control software, which works really well. Zotac is taking things to the next level and is developing a mobile version of the app which allows you to control your graphics card from your Smartphone!

CES 2018

Lenovo Updates Backpack and Mobile Accessory Line

Buying equipment is step 1, step 2 is figuring out how to carry everything and keep it charged. Lenovo has new backpacks and a laptop bag including a power brick that can completely recharge some of their laptops. Let’s checkout what they’re showing at CES 2018.

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Pokemon GO Generated A Staggering $950 Million In 2016

Pokemon GO was released in July 2016, and in just six short months, the free to play game generated $950 million in revenue as reported by analyst firm App Annie. Pokemon GO was a smash hit and somewhat of a phenomenon when initially released, generating $200 million in just its first month, although things have tapered off a little bit.

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Some Tips for Enhancing Mobile Phone Security

Mobile phones are known to be threat-magnets, but the last few years sure have seen a significant rise in their tribulations. Hacking incidents have surged as even some of most secure platforms have failed to hold their own against the relentless attacks of malevolent geniuses. Of course, simply owning a mobile device puts you at greater risk than before as well because of its integration in your personal, financial, and professional matters.

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