ASUS Latest 319 Firmware Lowers Gaming Performance On The ROG Ally

According to a report from HotHardware, the performance of the ASUS ROG Ally 319 firmware update, which can be accessed through the MyASUS software, negatively impacts the console. The Ryzen Z1 Extreme-based handheld device initially experienced a significant boost in performance with a previous firmware update, but the recent 319 BIOS seems to considerably reduce those improvements.

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Despite initial claims that the 319 firmware would enhance the gaming experience on the 9W setting, reviewers who tested it have concluded that it not only fails to deliver improvements, but actually makes it worse. What’s more concerning is that performance deteriorates even further when using the 15W and 25W TDP, as highlighted by YouTubers such as ThePhawX.

While the 319 firmware does address certain bugs, an ASUS representative has advised against upgrading at this time. Whiston Gordon, an ASUS marketer, has acknowledged that some users have reported a decline in performance after installing the update. Therefore, it is advisable to delay the update for now, as per the company’s recommendation.

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For gamers who have already installed the firmware update, there are two options: either wait for ASUS to address the performance regression problem or manually revert to a previous BIOS version using the ASUS EZ Flash utility. However, downgrading can be a complex process for certain users. Unfortunately, ASUS has not provided any information about when a new BIOS might be released, if there are any plans for one in the near future.

It is important to mention that AMD has been slow in providing Radeon driver updates for Phoenix-based APUs (Ryzen Z1/Ryzen 7 7840U). As of now, the company has not integrated its primary Radeon GPU driver branch with the Radeon RX 7600 desktop GPU and RDNA3 integrated GPU series, resulting in gamers not having access to the latest optimizations.

Via HotHardware

Image Source: ThePhawx