Sunday, July 22, 2018

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Steam Machines Show Up in the Steam Store

Over the past year we have seen many different Steam Machines from different companies. After Valve's announcements at GDC this week it looks like they have a dedicated section of the Steam store for Steam Machines. Here you can browse different Steam Machines and see what they are all about.

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Valve Developing Home Theater PC to Compete with Consoles

Valve has been making a lot of headlines lately especially with their <a href="">Big Picture Mode launching</a>. Many people have suggested that Big Picture is just the first step in Valve creating a hardware solution for the home theater and we have even <a href="">hinted at it before</a>. Now that is all but confirmed as Kotaku says according to Valve boss Gabe Newell, "you’ll be able to buy a living-room-friendly PC package next year".

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Valve ‘Jumping In’ to Hardware Developement

For quite a while now many people have been talking about a "Steam Box". A piece of hardware that would allow you to play your steam games in your living room, dorm room or wherever you are. Valve has always denied these rumors, but things like the Steam Big Picture Mode always kept us thinking about a Steam Box. Now Steam has a new job listing on their website for a an industrial designer. The post says, "Valve is traditionally a software company. Open platforms like the PC and Mac are important to us, as they enable us and our partners to have a robust and direct relationship with customers. We’re frustrated by the lack of innovation in the computer hardware space though, so we’re jumping in."

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