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3 Atmospheric Indie Games You Shouldn’t Miss

For many players out there, it is not so much about the content of a game as it is about its setting. Even those with little actual story can turn out to be huge sensations and a lot of fun to play. Who doesn’t appreciate atmospheric games that draw you into different worlds – they are perfect for rainy weekends.

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Holiday Gaming Survival Guide

Christmas just happened and for many of us we have at least a week or so off of work. Now what to do with that time? Well for us here at ThinkComputers and most of the PCMasterRace it means hours upon hours of gaming! For that reason we have decided to compile a list not only of games, but some pretty awesome gaming hardware that you can pickup to make the most out of your time off!

Battlefield 1

PC Games To Play This Holiday

The holiday’s mean a good amount of time off for many people.  For gamers that means getting in some much needed gaming time.  There have been a lot of titles that have come out in the past few months that are definitely worth checking out.  Here are some of our favorites.


Spider-Man Beckons the New Wave of Marvel Video Games

Spider-Man Beckons the New Wave of Marvel Video Games When it comes to gaming, Marvel have arguably dropped the ball when compared with DC. Where DC have had the Batman Arkham series of games, Marvel seem to have been happy to let their heroes beseem to have been happy to let their heroes be in LEGO games and Disney’s Infinity game. The times are changing though, with Spider-Man bringing in the biggest change of them all.

Looking For Group Pittsburgh
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Looking For Group – A New Gaming Center in Pittsburgh

Gaming centers are nothing new to the Pittsburgh area. We have seen quite a few come and go over the years and it seems no one has really got the right recipe for a gaming center that lasts. Well a new gaming center has sprung up in the Brookline area of Pittsburgh offering a unique mix of PC and Console gaming with a co-working space as well. Last week we visited Looking For Group or LFG to see what they were all about.

GeForce GTX 900 Series Preview

NVIDIA GeForce GTX 900 Series Preview

NVIDIA’s GeForce GTX 900 series graphics cards will be launching this week and we wanted to give you a preview of what to expect from NVIDIA’s latest graphics cards. Both the GeForce GTX 980 and GeForce GTX 970 will be based off NVIDIA’s GM204 silicon. We have already seen the Maxwell architecture on NVIDIA’s entry-level GM107 based cards, the GeForce GTX 750 Ti and GeForce GTX 750. Now it is time for the performance segment cards, which will include the GTX 980 and GTX 970 to start with the GTX 960 to come later down the line. We have compiled all of the information we know about both cards in this article. We will keep this article updated as more information comes available.


The 10 Highest Paid Pro Gamers of All Time

Most of us consider gaming as a hobby, something we do in our free time to let off steam, relax and just have some fun. For other people gaming is a business, it is their job. Some of the best professional gamers make a living off of gaming and tournaments. Ever wondered how much these pro-gamers make? Well we have compiled a lost of the top 10 highest paid gamers of all time! Enjoy!


Five Things You Need To Know About The PS4

After Microsoft unveiled the Xbox One, the gaming world was excited & then the PlayStation 4 came, and now the world can't wait. Sony's unveil didn't disappoint anyone: from the looks of it, the PS4 is an amazingly powerful machine that will have even the most hardcore Microsoft fans pondering whether it's time to make the switch. However, for those who missed the E3 conference, you might be wondering what the big deal is. Fear not, we are here to provide you with that information! We've uncovered five things you need to know about the PS4. Brace yourself, this console is pretty awesome.


What You Need To Know about the Xbox One

Microsoft’s Xbox Reveal event was held today at Microsoft’s Redmond campus. If you missed it we have all of the information on the next generation Xbox console. After months of speculation the official name of the console will be Xbox One. The Xbox One is made to be an “all-in-one” box that interacts with all the devices in your home theater. Microsoft’s Don Mattrick said the core strategy is “simple, instant and complete.” The Xbox One will be available “later this year” and will ship with a new Kinect motion camera and controller. Read on as we go over some of the new features.

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