Top 7 Movies Based On Video Games

Can a movie based on a book compete with the original? And how then in the case of movies based on video games? After all, after incredible graphics, multiple plots, and their participation, it is difficult to surprise a sophisticated gamer with special effects. But today we have collected the top 7 movies based on video games that turned out to be successful. Viewing these movies causes a desire to erase the memory and watch them one more time and will be also a great experience for gamblers who enjoy gambling at the Vave login website or other gambling platforms. Let’s dive into the universe of entertaining “video game” movies!

“Lara Croft: Tomb Raider” (2001)

Based on: Lara Croft: Tomb Raider video game franchise (2001-2008).

To see the “real” Lara Croft was the dream of many gamers. And their dream has come true. In the role of attractive, sexy, and militant tomb raider played by the unrivaled Angelina Jolie. The special mission of Lara in this film is to find an ancient relic, because she not only knows martial arts but is an experienced archaeologist. Objectively, this is one of the best gamer movies of all time.

“Resident Evil” (2002)

Based on: Resident Evil (1996)and Resident Evil 2 (1998).

The survival horror genre has been successfully transferred from the PlayStation to the screen. Reanimated after the explosion of a dangerous virus, zombies are ready to turn everyone who gets in their way into their kind. Cruelty, death, and fear are so real in Resident Evil that not everyone can watch this picture even halfway through. The main role of Alice, which went to Milla Jovovich, was discussed by movie critics for a long time.

“Doom” (2005)

Based on: Doom (1993).

Based on the video game of the same name, the movie will talk about the near future. In it, earthlings are already in full contact with other planetary civilizations. From Mars to Earth comes a signal for help, and when a detachment of space special forces is in place, it turns out that terrible mutants destroy everything in their path, killing people. It is with them and will have to fight the brave squad.

“Silent Hill” (2006)

Based on: Silent Hill video game franchise (1999-2023).

It is worth watching it already at least because of the atmosphere. A gloomy city, full of sinister secrets and strange inhabitants. On the way to it, a young mother Rose Da Silva (Radha Mitchell) who was going to take her daughter away, saving her from a psychiatric hospital, gets into an accident. And the child disappears. And it was the name of this city that the girl kept repeating in her dreams.

“Hitman” (2007)

Based on: Hitman video game franchise (2000-2021).

Probably, this is one of the closest to the plot of the game of our ten movies. The main character, a contract killer Agent 47 (Timothy Olyphant) is trained to kill and does it throughout the movie – ruthlessly and with a special pride in his skills. It is around this that the additional storylines are built, among which you will find plenty of intrigue.

“Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time” (2010)

Based on: Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time (2003).

An Oriental fairy tale with elements of adventure and action movie, the main character of which successfully migrated from the game to the big screens. He will have to defend his kingdom and spoiled reputation, damaged as a result of an unexpected and cruel framing of a close person. In the hands of the protagonist must, by all means, be an important object that allows you to move through time.

“Need For Speed” (2014)

Based on: Need for Speed (NFS), a racing video game franchise (1994-2004).

Everyone who is a fan of cars and speed should watch this movie. Genius mechanic Tobey Marshall (Aaron Paul) enjoys underground racing – it’s his life, his hobby, and a way to keep his family’s workshop afloat. But at some point, Tobey has to take a former racer, now a famous rich man, as a partner in his business, who as a result sets the mechanic up and goes to jail. But the need for speed and competition never disappears, and after getting out of prison, Tobey decides to prove to everyone that even a non-professional racer can become the winner of a prestigious competition.

Do you like video games? Then plunge into the world of interesting stories based on them. They thrill, surprise, and amaze. Enjoy watching them!