Friday, November 16, 2018

Gaming News

Gaming News

AMD Launches “Raise the Game Fully Loaded” Bundle

With the announcement of their Radeon RX 590 graphics card AMD has also launched their "Raise the Game Fully Loaded" game bundle. This bundle rewards anyone who purchases a Radeon RX 590 or Radeon RX 590 powered PC with three games, which include "Tom Clancy's The Division 2", "Resident Evil 2" and "Devil May Cry 5". Those three titles have a combine value of $180.

Gaming News

EA To Remaster Command & Conquer: Tiberian Dawn

EA has just announced that they plan on remastering the Command & Conquer series of video games. This will start at the very beginning of the series, which is Tiberian Dawn. This will be the first remaster, but EA plans to remaster Command & Conquer Red Alert soon after Tiberian Dawn is released. Of course that is based on consumer reception.

Hardware News

Valve Working On Their Own VR Headset?

A leaked e-mail received by Reddit user 2flock has suggested that Valve is working on its own VR head-mounted display (HMD). We know that in 2017 that Gabe Newell announced that Valve was working on three big titles for VR, but it appears they are working on hardware as well.

Gaming News

Blizzard to Remaster Warcraft III, Release in 2019 as Warcraft III: Reforged

At Blizzon 2018 Blizzard announced that they will be remastering Warcraft III. The game will be titled Warcraft III: Reforged and be released some time in 2019. Blizzard says that Warcraft III: Reforged is "a complete reimagining of a real-time strategy classic", with new visuals while retaining the campaigns and gameplay mechanisms of the 2002 hit game.

Gaming News

Battlefield V Official System Requirements Revealed

The official system requirements for Battlefield V have been released and they come in three categories now: Minimum, Recommended, and DXR. For the minimum you'll need an AMD FX-8350 or a Core i5-6600K, 8GB of system memory, and either a GTX 1050 or RX 560.

Gaming News

India Emerges as Leader in Digital Games

The gaming world is emerging, and it has come a long way from where it started in the early 2000s. India is now confidently heading towards the major milestone of surpassing $1 billion by 2020. With the global gaming industry grossing $108 in 2017, the Indian market has set its mark at $890 and is only expected to push it higher.

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