OdinLake Standing Desk S450 Review

Late last year we were introduced to OdinLake when they sent us over their Ergo MAX 747 Office Chair. I loved this chair so much that it is my daily driver and I couldn’t imagine using another chair. So I was pretty excited when OdinLake asked if we wanted to check out their Standing Desk S450. This motorized sit-stand desk is able to support up to 275 lbs, has a 1-inch thick desktop, quiet operation, and even safety features where if something is in the way it will not continue to go up or down. I’ve reviewed a handful of different standing desks over the years so it will be interesting to see how the Standing Desk S450 set itself apart from others.

Special thanks to OdinLake for providing us with the Standing Desk S450 to review.

Desk Options

When it comes to picking our your desk on the OdinLake website it is pretty easy. First you have three different sizes: 47″x24″, 55″x27″, 60″x30″. Next is the desktop color, you have black, white, wood and maple. Finally you pick the frame and legs color, which you have the options of black or white.

odinlake s450 options

For my desk I went with the 55″x27″ size, the wood desktop color, and the black frame. With these options the price of the desk was $599. Prices start at $449 for the smallest desk size, and there are no price differences if you choose a different desktop color or frame color.

Frame Specifications

odinlake s450 frame specs

Desktop Specifications

odinlake s450 desktop specs

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