MSI Arc A310 4GB GPU With 6 Xe-Cores Spotted

The Intel Arc A310 GPU is a low-power desktop graphics processing unit that uses a reduced version of the ACM-G11 processor. It is the entry-level option in the Arc Alchemist lineup and doesn’t match up to the performance of the Arc A7 series. However, it fulfills its role in offering an affordable solution for Intel Core F-series CPUs, which lack integrated graphics and need a separate GPU.

IMG 6703

The MSI variant of the Arc A310 features 6 Xe-Cores and comes with 4 GB of GDDR6 memory linked to a 64-bit bus. Due to its restricted performance and memory bandwidth, it may not be suitable for serious gamers. Additionally, the GPU has a strict power limit of 75W and doesn’t have a dedicated power connector, relying solely on the power supplied through the PCIe slot.

Despite its limitations, the Arc A310 GPU does incorporate some notable features also found in the more powerful Arc A380 GPU. These include robust AV1 encoding capabilities and the use of a relatively new GPU architecture.

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The acceptance of the A310 GPU has been gradual, as only a few companies have shown interest in it. An upcoming GPU series called Sparkle Genie has been announced but is still awaiting release. Additionally, the Gigabyte A3 series appears to be restricted to the Russian market, while the Matrox LUMA series mainly targets professional users. Meanwhile, Sparkle is actively developing at least two models, the ELF and GENIE series, with one of them designed as a low-profile version.

Images Credit: Payluntik