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ThinkComputers Podcast #142

This week on the Podcast we talk about our reviews of the Lenovo ThinkPad X1 Yoga, AZIO Retro Classic Elwood Keyboard, and Biostar B360GT3S Motherboard. As well as the Threadripper II launch, AREZ graphics cards costing more than the exact same ROG cards, AORUS making everything, and more!

Hardware News

Apple Updates MacBook Pro with 8th Gen Intel Core Processors

Apple today updated MacBook Pro with faster performance and new pro features, making it the most advanced Mac notebook ever. The new MacBook Pro models with Touch Bar feature 8th-generation Intel Core processors, with 6-core on the 15-inch model for up to 70 percent faster performance and quad-core on the 13-inch model for up to two times faster performance - ideal for manipulating large data sets, performing complex simulations, creating multi-track audio projects or doing advanced image processing or film editing.

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New “Spectre” CPU Vulnerability Hits Intel CPUs

A new variant of the "Spectre" CPU vulnerability has been discovered by security researchers Vladimir Kiriansky and Carl Waldspurger. This make them eligible for the $100,000 bounty Intel is offering researchers to sniff out vulnerabilities in their processors. This new vulnerability is chronicled under CVE-2018-3693, is among 12 new CVEs Intel will publish later this week.

Hardware News

Intel to End The “Extreme Edition” Brand Extension

It looks like Intel will be ending their "Extreme Edition" brand extension, which they have used to denote their flagship products in the client segment. This included processors as well as their NUCs. With Intel retiring this brand extension it could mean the end to their iconic Intel Skull and the black and silver packaging. No one really knows what Intel would be replacing this brand extension with, if anything at all.

Intel Z390 Chipset
Hardware News

Intel to Shelf Z390 Express Chipset

According to the latest reports Intel will be shelving the iteration of their upcoming Z390 Express chipset, which they had detailed last month. This chipset was sure to have new hardware features. Intel could now re-brand the current Z370 Express chipset as Z390 Express and simply bolster its reference design with heftier CPU VRM specifications, which will be for the upcoming 8-core LGA1151 processors.

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