Intel Is Ready To Launch Arc A750E And A580E GPUs

Regrettably, it seems that the anticipated ‘refresh’ of Alchemist GPUs isn’t progressing as anticipated. Official confirmation is lacking, with only leaked roadmaps suggesting this possibility. Nonetheless, Intel persists in releasing new GPUs utilizing this architecture.

The latest update arrived via patches sent by Intel today for its Linux graphics kernel. The PCI ID 0x56BE appears to be linked with Arc A750E, whereas 0x56BF is designated for Arc A580E graphics.
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Interestingly, neither of them strictly falls into the category of either mobile or desktop GPUs; instead, they occupy a position somewhere in between. According to a reliable leaker known as “Bionic_Squash,” these IDs are associated with the Intel Arc Embedded series. This series is customized for industrial, business, and commercial applications, spanning from edge systems to driving large interactive displays. It’s evident that both Arc A770 and A580E are well-suited for these purposes.

Regrettably, the complete specifications of these new IDs have yet to be confirmed. Nevertheless, it’s reasonable to anticipate them to be akin to the mobile variants of A770M and A580M.


These patches represent the only updates for the graphics kernel driver currently. Whether they will be merged into the existing (6.9) kernel or postponed until the next release remains pending confirmation from Intel.

Source: Phoronix