Intel Arrow Lake-H Processor With 24 Cores Pictured

Intel plans to provide qualification samples of its Arrow Lake-H processors to partners soon. While the new product series is anticipated to launch by the end of the year, some partners are worried about the timeline between sample availability and the year’s end.

However, Moore’s Law has reportedly obtained an image (or rendering) of one of these processors. The upcoming desktop and mobile series will utilize advanced packaging technologies, allowing Intel to integrate multiple chiplets on the die, including dummy dies for integrity purposes. The image displays the Arrow Lake-H processor, purportedly a mainstream mobile variant expected to boast 24 cores.

Like Meteor Lake, the Arrow Lake chips will incorporate Xe-LPG graphics, which are based on the low-power Alchemist variant. Unlike Lunar Lake, the low-power mobile platform potentially debuting alongside Arrow Lake, GPU enhancements are not the main priority for Arrow Lake. Instead of adopting Xe2-LPG graphics, it will maintain the same older platform as Meteor Lake.


Moreover, the die will house dedicated SoC and I/O dies, alongside two dummy structures. The Compute die is expected to encompass the same core types as Meteor Lake, namely Lion Cove and Skymont. The top-tier product is rumored to sport 8 P-Cores and 16 E-Cores, mirroring Raptor Lake. However, speculation has emerged regarding the potential doubling of E-Cores with the Arrow Lake Refresh.

Once Intel begins distributing QS samples to partners, it’s likely that more leaks will surface, possibly revealing the first images of LGA-1851 CPUs shortly. It’s worth noting, though, that this socket was initially intended for use by Meteor Lake-S, which was ultimately canceled. A sample of such a processor was spotted last year.

Source: Moore’s Law is Dead