Intel Core Ultra 5 234V “Lunar Lake” CPU Spotted With 3.1 GHz Clock, 8 Cores And 8 Threads

The first Intel Lunar Lake CPU, dubbed the Core Ultra 5 234V, has emerged in recent firmware drivers. Sporting 8 cores and a Battlemage iGPU, this marks a significant development. While Intel Lunar Lake-MX chips have leaked before, this is the first instance of a sample appearing under the Core Ultra 200 branding. This branding is anticipated to extend to the Arrow Lake family, catering to both PC desktop and laptop platforms.

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The leaked Intel Core Ultra 5 234V chip is an engineering sample, identified as LNL-M LP5, categorized under family 0x6, model 0xbd, and stepping 0x1. According to reports, Intel is anticipated to phase out the Family 6 naming convention in the coming years. The leaked details reveal that the Intel Core Ultra 5 234V is a Lunar Lake-M chip featuring 8 cores and 8 threads. It employs a configuration of four P-Cores (Lion Cove) and four E-Cores (Skymont), along with on-package LPDDR5x memory. Clock speeds for the chip are noted at 2.10 GHz base and 3.10 GHz boost, albeit subject to change given its engineering sample status.

The leaked information also reveals that the Intel Core Ultra 5 234V “Lunar Lake” CPU is equipped with the Battlemage “Xe2” iGPU. Although the specific configuration is not detailed, references such as “64” and “GT1” are noted in the log file. The Battlemage Xe2-LPG iGPUs are anticipated to incorporate up to 8 Xe-cores, amounting to a potential 64 EUs. Additionally, it appears that work has commenced on enabling discrete Battlemage “Xe2” GPUs within the Linux environment.


Intel is anticipated to introduce Battlemage discrete GPUs in two variants: the BMG-10 and BMG-21. Recently, both SKUs were identified in a shipping manifesto and are presently undergoing pre-qualification.

Just a few days back, we witnessed the emergence of one of the initial laptops featuring an 8-core Lunar Lake CPU, which happened to be Samsung’s upcoming Galaxy Book5 Pro design. Once more, Intel’s Lunar Lake CPUs are projected to debut later this year in limited numbers, with a more substantial supply expected in early 2025, following the CES event next year.

Source: @miktdt