Samsung Galaxy Book5 Pro Will Be Powered By 8-core Intel Lunar Lake Processor And Xe2 Graphics

Intel is preparing to introduce its latest low-power mobile series, internally dubbed “Lunar Lake,” by year’s end. Rather than replacing the entire Meteor Lake lineup, Lunar Lake is set to assume control over only the low-power models, according to Intel’s internal documents. Featuring an architecture with 8 cores, split into four Performance and four Efficient variants, Lunar Lake is notable for being the first commercially available processor to incorporate Intel’s new Xe2 graphics. Notably, it stands as Intel’s sole confirmed Xe2 product for the current year.


It seems Samsung is eyeing the chip for their Galaxy Book Pro laptops. Entries discovered in the SiSoftware Sandra database indicate that Samsung is actively developing the Book5 Pro, their high-end laptop poised to utilize Intel’s Lunar Lake architecture.

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Unlike the Book Ultra series, the Pro versions may not consistently include discrete graphics, and if they do, they are likely to be low-power variants. The Book Pro line is designed for an ultra-sleek laptop experience with touchscreen capabilities, while the Ultra models feature the most premium hardware, such as RTX 40 graphics in the latest release of the Book4 series.


A laptop labeled as the “Samsung 999JZR Galaxy Book5 Pro (Samsung NT940XGK-DSD)” is said to come with 8 cores running at speeds ranging from 1.6 GHz to 2.8 GHz. These clock rates could possibly align with the base clock for the Skymont core (E-Core) and the boost clock for the Lion Cove (P-Core). Nevertheless, it’s crucial to bear in mind that initial listings might showcase engineering samples, often significantly underclocked for testing reasons.


The graphics capability of this device includes 512 shaders, 64 Vector Engines (Execution Units), and 4 Xe2-Cores, given that Xe2 Cores boast a 16-wide EU core count compared to current-generation Xe-Cores. However, it appears that this isn’t the highest configuration for the GPU, as the documents have referenced an 8 Xe2-Core configuration. According to these leaks, the integrated GPU (iGPU) is expected to have a boost clock of 1.85 GHz.

The release date for the Samsung Book5 Series has not been confirmed, but it’s highly likely that this could be among the initial products announced alongside Intel’s Lunar Lake. Just like the Book4 series, the actual availability might extend over several weeks.

Source & Images: SiSoftware