Gigabyte Unveils Gaming Monitors With Industry’s First DisplayPort 2.1 UHBR20 Connectivity

Gigabyte has introduced a range of gaming monitors, including models with the world’s first DisplayPort 2.1 UHBR20 connectivity. The standout release from their CES 2024 lineup is the AORUS FO32U2P, boasting a 32-inch QD-OLED panel by Samsung Display, a 3840 x 2160 resolution, and distinctive display output capabilities that set it apart from competitors.

Worlds First DP2.1 UHBR20 OLED Gaming Monitor AORUS FO32U2P Official Trailer 0 38 screenshot

Geared towards hardcore gaming, the AORUS FO32U2P boasts a rapid 240Hz refresh rate and an impressive 0.03ms response time. Its features include VESA DisplayHDR 400 True Black certification and a 99% DCI-P3 gamut, showcasing Gigabyte’s commitment to a comprehensive gaming experience. The inclusion of a “Tactical Switch” hints at versatile display configurations, reminiscent of LG’s upcoming UltraGear monitor, although specific details from Gigabyte are yet to be disclosed.

Worlds First DP2.1 UHBR20 OLED Gaming Monitor AORUS FO32U2P Official Trailer 0 6 screenshot 1920x1080 1

The intriguing aspect lies in Gigabyte’s decision to incorporate support for DisplayPort 2.1 operating at its maximum bandwidth capacity, termed “UHBR20.” Notably, even the most advanced monitors currently available do not yet embrace this display type. It raises questions as no consumer GPU, except for AMD’s high-end workstation GPUs, can currently support this standard. UHBR20 offers a substantial increase in display bandwidth, potentially reaching transfer speeds of up to 80 Gbit/s. However, the full implementation might be dependent on next-gen GPUs, as current ones struggle to handle such immense speed.

Worlds First DP2.1 UHBR20 OLED Gaming Monitor AORUS FO32U2P Official Trailer 0 11 screenshot 1920x1080 1

Gigabyte’s CES 2024 lineup introduces additional models, such as the AORUS FO27Q3, showcasing a 27-inch Samsung QD-OLED panel with an impressive 360 Hz refresh rate. Additionally, the AORUS MO34WQC and AORUS MO34WQC2, both 34-inch ultrawide monitors, offer a maximum resolution of 3440 x 1440, with the latter boasting a rapid 0.03ms response time. Collectively, these new AORUS models position themselves competitively in the industry, and anticipation builds for their official release and what they bring to the table.

Source: Display Specifications