CES 2024 – Cooler Master’s New Cooling Products for 2024!

It might just be a coincidence, but it has felt a bit colder than usual this year at CES 2024, and it could be due to the new coolers that we saw while visiting Cooler Master’s large suite full of new hardware. We were really impressed with the sheer number of cooling options for not only CPUs, but cases and storage devices as well, and we put together a rundown of some of these new products below.

MasterLiquid 360 ION

First up is Cooler Master’s MasterLiquid 360 ION, a 360mm all-in-one liquid cooler with a 2.1″ LCD display on the pump housing. As you would expect, you can customize what is shown on the screen via Cooler Master’s new MasterCTRL software to get just the look you are going for in your build. Additionally, the pump housing acts as a hub for connecting other ARGB devices in your build, which can simplify control, but may lead to some cable mess. Like we have seen in the past from Cooler Master, a dual-chamber pump design is present in the ML 360 ION, which separates the hot liquid exiting the block from the cool liquid making its way in from the radiator. Three of Cooler Master’s flagship Mobius 120mm ARGB fans are included for great cooling performance with low noise output. We expect to see the MasterLiquid 360 ION come to market in Q2 of 2024 for right around $250. There will also be a 240mm version available as well.

Cooler Master CES 2024

Project G11

One of a few “project” items that Cooler Master was showing of at CES was what they are currently calling Project G11. This is a pretty unique all-in-one cooler that has two pumps in the cooler housing, each with their dual chamber design, giving this product extra power for the toughest workloads. In addition to the obvious CPU cooling, two 5mm fans are present to help cool the surrounding components like VRMs, SSDs, and memory modules. Working in tandem with the 360mm radiator are three 120mm Mobius series fans which will work to support CPU TDPs between 300-320 watts. No pricing yet as this is still a project in the works, but expect to see more about Project G11 towards the end of 2024.

Cooler Master CES 2024

Project VGA Cooler

Another project in the works is a custom video card cooler currently known as “Project VGA Cooler”. By removing the factory cooling shroud and fans of your NVIDIA graphics card, without voiding your warranty, you can then attach the universal shroud and fan setup to your video card for enhanced cooling performance at lower levels. Again we see Cooler Master employing their Mobius fans to get the most performance out of this product, which has been shown to provide a 6-7 degree temperature improvement over stock cooling solutions. We should see a final version of this cooler closer to COMPUTEX, but expect to pay around $40 for the shroud and fans.

Cooler Master CES 2024

MA824 XT Stealth

Improving on the previously released MA824 Stealth, the MA824 Stealth XT comes with some noteworthy changes that improve this cooler’s already impressive performance. An updated assortment of eight heat pipes in both 6mm and new 8mm sizes improves heat transfer from the base of the cooler up into the heatsink’s fin stack. The fin layout has been altered slightly to provide the fins with different pitch to improve heat transfer from the fins to the air. Airflow is once again provided by Mobius fans in both 135mm and 120mm sizes, which offers increased clearances for surrounding components, as well as exceptional performance. A custom reactive paint has been applied to the new top cover of the MA824 Stealth XT, and it changes color depending on the heat of the cover. Available in April, the MA824 Stealth XT will sell for $99.99.

cooler master ma824 ces

Mobius 360

While we have seen many companies come out with easy to connect, cable-less fans recently, Cooler Master didn’t like some of the performance shortcomings of those types of designs, so they decided to create their own type of solution to the cabling mess and daisy chaining problem – enter the Mobius 360. Available in both ARGB and non-ARGB versions, this solid design incorporates three 120mm Mobius fans into a single 360mm long fan that can easily be installed in your case or on a radiator. If 360mm isn’t your jam, 240mm and 280mm versions will be available in the future. While we don’t have any pricing for the Mobius 360 just yet, we expect to see it sometime in Q3 of 2024.

Cooler Master CES 2024

M.2 Cooler

Finally, we come to another project piece, an M.2 SSD cooler. As we have seen with all PCIe Gen5 NVMe SSDs, keeping them cool is critical, and thanks to Cooler Master’s years of experience, they have come up with a quite compact solution to this issue. You may not be aware, but Cooler Master was actually a pioneer in creating vapor chamber technology, and they have implemented this same technology into a very thin heatsink for M.2 drives. With no fan present, this silent cooling solution will rely on passive cooling, but a bit of airflow across it from surrounding components will certainly assist in keeping your blazing fast storage cool. Again, no pricing is available for this prototype product, but we should see it come to market towards the end of the year.

Cooler Master CES 2024

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