CES 2024 – Corsair is Bringing Dual-Chamber Cases Back!

It has been quite a while since we’ve seen dual-chamber cases from Corsair. I’m sure some of you remember the iconic Crystal Series 680X and 280X cases from 2018 – 2019. Well it looks like Corsair will finally have a successor to these cases in their new 6500X and 2500X dual-chamber cases! They also showed us some new accessories for their all-in-one liquid cooling solutions and a new quick-turn screw for mounting fans.

Corsair 6500X Case

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The 6500X from Corsair will be the larger of the two new dual-chamber cases. This case has the aquarium style that has become incredibly popular over the past few years. This allows you to fully show off your system. Being that this is the larger case it is going to support the largest graphics cards, extended ATX motherboards, and lots of cooling options with support for triple 140mm fans or 360mm radiators in the top and bottom of the case as well as three 120mm fans in the side mount. On top of that the case will support new motherboards with the connections on the back like ASUS’s BTF and MSI’s Project Zero.

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While Corsair was not able to give us pricing on this case, they did let us know that it will be launching on February 27th! It will be available in both white and black versions as well as a high airflow version that will have a mesh front panel and the ability to mount fans on the front of the case. Corsair will also be offering different accent panels for these new cases in teak, walnut, and aluminum.

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Corsair 2500X Case

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The 2500X case was actually shown with some of the accent panels installed. It is a smaller version of the 6500X with support for Micro ATX and mini-ITX motherboards. You are still going to have room inside for the longest graphics cards though. The top and bottom of this case will support three 120/140mm fans and 360mm radiators, while the side-mount will only support two 120mm fans. The cool thing about the side-mounts on both of the cases is that they can be moved forward if you only have fans installed. Again no word on pricing, but the 2500X will launch on February 27th as well.

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AiO Accessories

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Corsair was also showing off some accessory caps with their all-in-one liquid CPU coolers. These will simply pop on to their existing coolers to add different effects and functionality. The first one was a cool-looking cap that definitely adds a different look to the cooler and the second one adds a fan that will cool off your VRM components. These accessories will range anywhere from $20 – $40.

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Quick Turn Screws

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Well it looks like Corsair has re-invented the fan scew! They were showing off their new quick-turn fan screws. A typical fan screw requires 3-4 turns to be fully installed, but with the new quick-turn screw it is only 1.5 turns. I actually had the chance to try this out and I was pretty impressed with how easy these screws go in and how effortlessly they can be removed. Corsair plans to ship these screws with some of the higher-end fans and will sell them standalone as well.

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