Corsair Crystal Series 280X RGB Case Review

Corsair’s Crystal Series is definitely their more flashy series. The Crystal Series 570X was one of the coolest cases Corsair released at the end of 2016. Well we now have a new entry into the Crystal Series, the 280X RGB. It comes in as a high performance Micro-ATX with three tempered glass panels, a dual-channel internal layout, two LL120 RGB fans, and Corsair’s own Lighting Node Pro RGB controller. This cause aims to be sleek, stylish and functional. Let’s get a system built in it and see what we think!

Special thanks to Corsair for providing us with the Crystal Series 280X RGB Case to review.


The Crystal Series 280X RGB comes in a typical case box. On the front it does let us know that we indeed do have the 280X and that it is a Micro-ATX case.

Corsair Crystal Series 280X RGB Case

Flipping over to the back we see an exploded view of the case with many of the parts / features detailed.

Corsair Crystal Series 280X RGB Case

Opening the case up and taking a look inside we find the users guide sitting on top. The case itself is packed nicely and protected.

Corsair Crystal Series 280X RGB Case

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