Alphacool Eissturm Gaming Kit Review

So you’ve got yourself a brand spanking new PC on order and you couldn’t be more stoked. This time you went all out. The latest high end desktop processor, flagship motherboard, maxed out memory, m.2s galore, and you even managed to snag a pair of 1080 ti’s right out from under a crypto miner’s nose. But did you consider cooling when you put that parts list together? That processor has more cores than it knows what to do with and they run hot. Hot like Hawaii growing further out of the Pacific, hot like the forest outside LA last summer. For cpu heat like that there is no other long term solution better than a traditional water cooling loop. And therein lies the problem. Watercooling is a whole new level of technical parts and perceived dangers. Luckily manufactures have realized this; enter the kit. These boxes come complete with all the parts that you need to put together your first loop. The bonus being that you are guaranteed to have compatible parts and if you choose the right kit you get real quality parts that can be used for years to come as you expand and upgrade. Today we are taking a look at one of those kits, the Eissturm Gaming Kit from Alphacool. Alphacool are old pros in the watercooling game hailing from Germany so expectations are high for this 360mm rad equipped loop. Follow along as we find out just how cool this kit can keep your processor.

Special Thanks to Alphacool for providing the Eissturm Gaming Kit for review!

– This Eissturm Gaming Copper set is the perfect entry-level foundation for gamers and overclockers: the 360 x 30mm radiator can support not only the intended CPU but also an additional graphics card with custom overclocking, keeping them comfortably cool all while keeping the noise down.

– The Alphacool Laing DDC 310 pump, with 200 l/h potential flow rate, impresses with its reliability and ability to send well-cooled fluid through the hardware with barely a sound.

– To make this set a real power pack, we’ve selected a black XPX Eisblock, internationally renowned thanks to its impressive performance, to ensure optimal temperatures for your CPU with its optimised flow physics.

– NexXxos ST30 full copper 360mm radiator with high-efficiency cooling fin design
– Alphacool Laing DDC 310 pump with 200 l/h potential flow rate with the compact Alphacool Eisstation
– Alphacool Eisblock XPX Black CPU cooler for reliable heat transfer from your CPU

All necessary accessories and cables are included, as well as our popular Alphacool “Cape Kelvin Catcher / CKC” all-in-one coolant and a funnel and jumper plug for filling the pump using a power supply – no need to turn on the PC.

Technical Details
Radiator: NexXxoS ST30 Full Copper 360mm
CPU: Eisblock XPX
Reservoir: Eisstation
Pump: Alphacool Laing DDC 310
Fan: 3x Eiswind Pure Edition 120 1600 rpm
– 8x Eiszapfen 13/10mm straight
– 1x HF quick connector G1/4
– 1000 ml Cape Kelvin Catcher
– 3 m tube PVC 13/10 mm
– 1x filling aid – Funnel
– 1x ATX bridging plug
– 1x Y-cable 4-pin PWM
– 1x installation guide
Radiator Thickness: 30mm
CPU Performance: Excellent
Prefilled: No
Radiator size: 3x120mm
Hose dimensions: 13/10mm
Socket: Intel 1151/1150/1155/1156/755/2011-3/2011/1366/771/604, AMD AM4, AMD AM3(+)/AM3/AM2(+)/AM2/939/FM2(+)/FM2/FM1/G34/940, Intel 2066

The Eissturm Gaming kit comes in a single fairly large box. On the front of the box we basically find the product name front and center slightly overlapping a graphic. Below left is the Alphacool symbol while a graphic that says Eisbaer Ready is in the upper left. We believe this simply refers to the compatibility with Alphacool’s quick release system which is included. The only other side of the box that is unique is the side panel with a parts list for this specific Eissturm kit. The kit does come with a nice plastic handle on the top for easy transport.

Alphacool Eissturm Gaming Kit Alphacool Eissturm Gaming Kit Alphacool Eissturm Gaming Kit

Cutting the security tape on the top of the box, we find a manual and some packaging paper lying on top of a whole slew of individual boxes, it’s a miniature Christmas morning in there, and it’s all for you! One concern that we did have was the amount of open space between the boxes. There was some obvious shifting that occured within our sample and we’d like to see that space filled with packaging material. Thankfully we found that everything in the kit was intact.

Alphacool Eissturm Gaming Kit Alphacool Eissturm Gaming Kit