Alphacool Eissturm Gaming Kit Review

Final Thoughts
There really is no substitute for the real watercooling experience and the Eissturm Gaming kit goes to great lengths to make that experience as simple as possible. From CPU block to 24-pin jumper, inside the box you will find literally everything required for your first build. What really sets this kit apart from many others is the use of true off the shelf parts. Nothing in this kit is a low quality knock off meant to save Alphacool money. The fact that you get a DDC pump, NexXxos full copper radiator, and Eisblock XPX cpu block means you are getting some of the best performing parts in watercooling. The quality on all the parts, fittings especially, is very high and evident mostly in the paint and machining. What’s more astounding is the cost of the kit at $262.59. While this may seem high considering good AiO coolers and proper entry level watercooling kits are in the $150 range it’s really not when you consider what you are getting. All told buying this kit piecemeal will cost you ~$374. Basically you are getting a truly proper kit at over $100 USD in savings.

There’s almost nothing to say negatively about this kit. It might be worth a second mention that the box could use a little more packaging material internally but that’s it. Perhaps you might be disappointed that the pure CPU cooling performance is less than that of a Corsair 360 rad equipped AiO, the reality is that this kit puts you on a whole different playing field in that it’s expandable and upgradeable. Not to mention the reliability of custom watercooling parts.

Overall would like to give the Alphacool Eissturm Gaming kit a 10 out of 10 score!

rating10 10

-Off the shelf watercooling components
-Everything you will need for a complete build
-Excellent finishes
-Great performance
-Good value

-Needs a little more packing material in the box