CES 2024 – ADATA Shows Off Unique Hybrid CPU Cooler

We’ve seen some interesting combinations of hardware at this year’s CES 2024, and one that really stuck out to us was from ADATA – not a company most people think of right away when it comes to cooling components. At first glance this product looks like your standard dual-fan CPU tower cooler, but when you take a closer look, you will see that it is much more than that.

XPG Hybrid Cooler

Liquid coolers are nothing new in the PC world, but XPG’s introduction of a hybrid cooler puts a spin on things. By placing an integrated pump, loop, and radiator where you would typically find a heatsink tower, XPG has reduced the size and weight of their cooler compared to a traditional AIO, while also being more efficient than a standard air cooler. The 120mm radiator is sandwiched between two 120mm fans that are configured in a push-pull layout, which should provide plenty of airflow. Atop the radiator is a small reservoir and integrated pump that is controlled by a standard 3-pin power connection on your motherboard. ADATA claims it can support processors up to 280w, including both Intel Xeon and AMD Ryzen Threadripper CPUs, but it will be interesting just how well this works, as it isn’t removing heat from the case in the same manner a traditional top-mounted AIO does, nor does it cool the CPU better by bringing in cooler air like a front-mounted AIO radiator would. Either way, we are excited to see how this thing performs when it releases in July for right around $120.


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