CES 2024 – DeepCool Shows Off New Coolers and Cases

DeepCool has been killing it lately with their new coolers, and we were excited to check out their upcoming products here at CES 2024. Their meeting room was full of new hardware ranging from fans and heatsinks, to AIO coolers, cases and more. They even had a large build off to the side that was made to look like some sort of walking autonomous sentry, with dual rotating barrels that actually shot Nerf darts.

Mystique 240/360 AIO Coolers

First up from DeepCool are the Mystique 240 and Mystique 360 AIOs. As you might have realized, these are 240mm and 360mm sized all-in-ones, but what their name doesn’t imply is that they also come equipped with a 2.8″ IPS screen on the pump housing with a resolution of 640 x 480, and 750 nits of brightness. All of the standard monitoring options are available, including temperature and system status, images, videos, and animations. A built-in gyroscope ensures the image on the screen is in the right orientation, which makes installing and configuring that much easier. Two (or three) FT12 SE FBD PWM fans are included, and DeepCool has also made improvements to their 4th generation pump design to increase cooling performance. We don’t have pricing for the 240mm version, but we should see the Mystique 360 in Q1 of 2024 for right around $169.

Mystique 420 Plus Cooler

Moving up to a 420mm radiator size, the Mystique 420 not only offers more cooling capacity and performance for higher-wattage processors, it also provides a slightly larger LCD screen. At 3.4″, this 480 x 480 resolution screen has 950 nits of brightness, and looked great showing full-motion video in DeepCool’s display. 64GB of on-board storage is present on this cooler to allow for saving videos and more to the cooler itself, which is kind of a neat idea. DeepCool has again employed their FT series fans, but this time you will get three 140mm units to go along with the 420mm radiator. Although not set in stone, we should see the Mystique 420 come out sometime in Q2 of 2024, with a price of $179.

DeepCool CES 2024

Assassin 4S

Building on to the original Assassin 4, the Assassin 4S is a slightly slimmer version, with just a single 140mm FDB fan squeezed in between the two heatsink towers. Seven heat pipes are present to move heat away from from the base of the cooler and up to the fins stack, which has the same patterned design that we have seen from DeepCool’s recent heatsink coolers. A simple cover in the middle hides this fan, but can easily be popped of and the fan removed via tabs on each side of the fan. DeepCool will be offering the Assassin 4S in both black and white versions, with a small turquoise DC logo on the top of the cooler. No pricing in formation just yet, but expect this cooler in Q1 of 2024.

DeepCool CES 2024

DeepCool CES 2024

CH160 & CH160 Digital Cases

The CH160 from DeepCool is a mITX case with plenty of airflow to keep modern CPUs and GPUs cool, and provides room for air coolers up to 172mm in height, including their very own Assassin 4S. Three-slot GPUs up to 305mm in length will fit with no issues, and the tempered glass side panel is there to show it all off. A carrying handle has been built into the top of the case for easy transportation on the CH160, and this case should be available sometime in Q1.


A variation of the CH160, the CH160 Digital features a similar design, but has been oriented in a vertical position. At the base of the CH160 Digital is an LCD-based display that is ready to show you system monitoring information of the system inside. The digital version of the case offers the same 172mm cooler height clearance, as well as room for 305mm GPUs. Again, no word on pricing, but we should see this case in Q1.

ch160 digital

CH360 & CH360 Digital Cases

On the larger side of things, we have the CH360 and CH360 Digital cases, both mATX enclosures. Both of these cases feature a mesh front panel and mesh lower portion of the side of the case. A tempered glass side panel lets you get a look inside the case to see the full sized heatsink and graphics card support. On the digital version of this case there is again a small digital display that can provide you instant information regarding system temperatures, utilization, and more. No word on pricing for either version, but expect to pay about a $20 premium for the digital version when they launch sometime in Q1.

DeepCool CES 2024 DeepCool CES 2024

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